094 - Managing customer expectations with Kieran Browning

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Agency Highway
094 - Managing customer expectations with Kieran Browning

When your customer’s expectations don’t align with what you deliver, things don’t end well. In this interview with Kieran Browning, you’ll learn several ways to make sure everyone is on the same page and avoid messy situations. 

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My whole career I have worked with Agencies and seen what a stressful toll it can take on the owners (and the staff) when the business is not streamlined. In every role over the years my focus was on streamlining operations, systemising how the marketing, sales & client fulfillment was done so that the business could run more smoothly and not have the owner be the bottleneck for everything.

Along the way, friends began to come to me with their own operational problems, asking for advice on how I could help them make the same sort of progress I had made for the companies I’d worked for.

I learned that sufficiently motivated Agency Owners with a few staff could often solve most of their operational problems within a couple months of me giving them advice and I was thrilled at being able to help.

If you're sick of being trapped working IN your business instead of ON your business, reach out and let's do a quick call to see if I can help you make a plan for clearing you as the bottleneck.