097 - How to create your processes with Say Gabriel

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Agency Highway
097 - How to create your processes with Say Gabriel

Say Gabriel from Anansi Content joins the show to talk process & SOPs. So many business owners resist creating processes because they don’t have the time, but Say’s strategies drastically simplify what you need to do. Even if you’ve already begun creating your processes, there is plenty of epic advice in this interview. 

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About Say

Say’s main goal in life is to create cohesive systems that support strong communities.

Frustrated by watching stressed-out digital leaders get mired in constantly shoring up shoddy systems, Say set her focus to the digital world a decade ago, just as it was rising in impact in everyday life. Today, Say helps agency leaders troubleshoot and build strong marketing, operations, and admin systems.

She helps them find clarity around their goals, around what isn’t working, and around what’s holding them back from becoming leaders for their teams.

In 2018, Say quit her job at a grocery store and began working on her own agency. She grew her digital agency, Anansi Content Solutions, from zero to a six-figure agency with an international team of eight people — all in two years.

What did it take to get there? A lot of freaking failures. In fact, one of Anansi’s core values is “fail fast, adapt well.”

Now she works remotely from her seaside little town in BC, Canada. Away from the screen (and sometimes in team meetings) Say can be found throwing solo dance parties, singing while she does the dishes, and plotting new permaculture garden systems.