111 - Moving on from SaaS to build an agency with Dave Schneider

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Agency Highway
111 - Moving on from SaaS to build an agency with Dave Schneider

You hear a lot of stories about people selling their agency and moving onto products. Dave Schneider has gone the other way. 

In this casual interview, you’ll learn why running an agency can be so attractive, the pros and cons and how Dave attracts clients for his agency.

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About Dave 

Graduate from Harvard with a degree in Applied Math, in 2012 I quit my corporate job to travel the world with my wife, and over 5+ years we visited over 60 countries together. During that time I launched and exited from my first SaaS, NinjaOutreach, an influencer marketing platform.

Now I run Shortlist.io, a Marketing Un-Agency that specializes in helping businesses increase their traffic and revenue through different methods: SEO, Link Building, Website Development, Social Media and Inbound Marketing. Recently we launched the Shortlist Metrics Tool where you can analyze thousands of websites for SEO metrics in minutes.

Also, I previously owned and successfully sold two SaaS businesses myself (NinjaOutreach.com and LessChurn.io), and our agency did about $500k in its first year.

I'd love to share our approach to growth; what's worked and what hasn't, as well as talk about the transition from software to a service-based business and the challenges that come along with it.