113 - How to hire great salespeople with Joey Gilkey

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Agency Highway
113 - How to hire great salespeople with Joey Gilkey

Sales is an area that many agencies struggle with. In this interview, Joey Gilkey from Sales Driven Agency shares how you can hire great salespeople to dramatically grow your agency. 

You’ll learn where to start, how to set up the processes and how much to pay salespeople.

This was one of my favourite episodes to date. I learned a lot and I think you will too.

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Joey Gilkey has now worked hands on with over 200 agencies and built his career around helping businesses with building out their sales department and sales operation. Whether it was leading a global IT services division of 115 salespeople for a Fortune 100 company, taking a $1m consulting firm to $9.5m in 18 months, scaling a digital agency’s growth from 60k MRR to 560k MRR in 9 months, or driving over $1.3 Billion in sales pipeline for clients in 3 years… Joey knows what it takes to be a Sales Driven Agency™.

When he's not building agency sales departments, you can find Joey, his wife, and son in Knoxville Tennessee. He's passionate about college football, collecting bourbon, and being outdoors.