120 - Outsourcing content with Steve Pockross

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120 - Outsourcing content with Steve Pockross

Steve Pockross from Verblio joins the show to discuss how agencies can outsource quality content for their agencies. Content can be very hard to outsource and still ensure great quality (things people actually want to read). The tips in this interview will help you fix that. 

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Steve Pockross brings more than 20 years of startup, Fortune 500, and nonprofit experience to his role at Verblio. As CEO, he applies leading marketplace and SaaS principles to create an industry-leading content creation platform with 3,000 writers supporting the creation of high-quality content at scale in every niche..

Steve was part of the early management team at marketplace services pioneer LiveOps, growing the company into the largest virtual contact center in the world. At LiveOps, Steve served as vice president of business development and strategy, and also spearheaded the creation of the award-winning LiveOps Foundation. He also served in marketing, strategy, and operational leadership roles at Tendril, Western Union, Marketing Technologies Group, and HSBC.

Steve received his MBA from Kellogg School of Business and his MA in history from Wesleyan University.

Outside the office, Steve is a Denver native and enjoys ultimate frisbee, telemark skiing, practicing his Portuguese, and spending time with his two boys. And while he’s not bullish, he’s still hoping for a second career as a Brazilian rockstar.