134 - Growing your agency through tech partnerships with Alex Glenn

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134 - Growing your agency through tech partnerships with Alex Glenn

Do you help your clients implement software in their business? If you aren’t involved in the partner programs for that software, you’re leaving money on the table.

In this episode with Alex Glenn from PartnerHub, you’ll learn how to leverage software partner programs to get exposure, generate leads, increase revenue and even improve your SEO. 

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I ran an agency for a large part of my career called Right 2 Revenue where we focused on setting up user and client acquisition funnels for various verticals. From there, I ran growth as a Vice President and early team member for platforms like Carlease.com, Curiosity.com and Younity.

In those roles, I relied on Partners to quickly ramp up my brands presence in a new space (i.e. car leasing - we were not auto industry veterans, so we had to learn, build a platform, and market simultaneously). I was always known for being able to do a lot with a little. And partners were a huge reason for that. I still had never heard the term “Channel.” After those platforms came and went, I launched my own called Automated.af - focused on linking top marketing and sales automators with companies who needed them. I built a large Slack station with agencies and thought leaders. I also built a Slack application that deployed pre-built automations for teams. But, I knew I wasn’t thinking big enough.

After writing a GTM strategy for a SaaS client that included a partnerships strategy as the key pillar, and hearing the founder question “Why not SEO or sales as the key pillar?” I realized how little most founders knew about the power of partnerships. That night, I bought the domain Partnerprograms.io and set out to educate and build the platform for partner-led growth.