137 - What clients look for in an agency with Foti Panagio

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Agency Highway
137 - What clients look for in an agency with Foti Panagio

What do clients look for in an agency? Foti from Growth Mentor joins the show for a casual chat about the good, bad and ugly experiences he’s had working with agencies. You’ll get some ideas on how you can stand out, and how to put your potential clients' mind at ease and overcome objections.

This one is a little different from a typical episode. Foti doesn’t work directly with agencies - it’s just a chat that might help understand the minds of your potential clients. 

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Connect with Foti

  • https://twitter.com/FotiPanagio
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/fotis-panagio/

About Foti

Foti is the VP of Growth at EuroVPS and also the founder of GrowthMentor. He graduated with a degree in finance from CASS University in London in 2007 but quickly pivoted into digital marketing a year later as the first non-engineer hire at the managed hosting provider, EuroVPS.

Within three years of joining, he helped EuroVPS more than triple MRR from €30k to €90k and along the way accidentally stumbled on a highly effective way to upskill himself in the art of growth.

He would jump on adhoc calls with other more experienced growth marketers and get 1:1 feedback on what he was working on. This was what inspired him to create GrowthMentor, a curated community where founders and marketers can book 1:1 calls with vetted growth marketing and startup mentors for on-demand advice.

Since GrowthMentor's launch in 2018, over 12,000 calls have been booked on the platform to date.

The GrowthMentor platform helps entrepreneurs and marketers overcome the feeling of indecisiveness by curating a community of vetted growth marketing and startup professionals that genuinely enjoy helping other people (via mentorship) to avoid some of the early mistakes they made during their growth journeys.