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Daniel Doherty,
Content Kitchen

"Thanks for all the great insights and tools. There are not too many people I take notice of when they post stuff. Thank you."

Melissa Taylor,

"There's always such good stuff in your emails! Thanks ????"

Steve Stapelberg,

"Just want to say thank you for your newsletters. They are extremely helpful. Very, very much appreciated.

I carefully curate what newsletters I subscribe to because the volume of info can be overwhelming. I basically unsubscribed from a number of "high profile" ones yesterday because quite honestly - much of it is "same old, same old" rehashing of old stuff.

Your newsletter on the other hand has fresh, up to date and extremely relevant info. 2 Big words - THANK YOU!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We scour the internet for the best stuff to help web designers and send it out in a simple digest.

Simply scroll through the email and see if anything interests you.

Is it WordPress specific?

Nope. There will sometimes be WordPress specific tools or important news.

If you're not a WP fan, just scroll on past and find something that interests you.

What kind of stuff do you share?

Anything we believe will help you grow your business, do less work or make more money.

We know that many web designers are already overworked or stressed, so anything we can do to make that better is a win for us.

Am I locked in?

No way. Every email gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe or pause for a while.

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