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Everything you need to help your clients send you website content on time

You've taken the first step, here's what's next

There's something we need to get out of the way.

When it comes to getting content quickly and eliminating the content bottleneck... Content Snare is not a magic bullet.

But similar to setting up a new project management system or CRM in your business, getting it set up right means huge time savings in the future.

This guide is all about getting you set up in the best possible way.

Where this info comes from

We speak to a lot of agencies. Some are still struggling to get content from clients. Some have all but eliminated the bottleneck.

We've found what the most successful people have in common, and wrapped it up into this guide.

Setting expectations with your clients

When your clients know what is expected of them, the process goes much smoother.

The last thing you want to do is spring a content request on them without any warning.

Take a look at the expectations section of this post for the best ways to do this.

The three most impactful things you can do

The theme to remember is to make it easy for your clients. Easy things get done. If they receive a content request that's just too hard, it'll end up on the bottom of their to do list.

1. Reminders

We're all busy people, so it's easy to forget the things we need to do. Your clients are the same. This one is easy to fix though.

Content Snare has a default set of follow-ups that will work for most clients - just make sure you've set them up with frequency and language that matches your business.

2. Structure

The worst thing you can do is ask your client for "all their content." The second worst is asking for their "homepage content." Very few clients know how to structure a homepage or how to break down the content in a way that you can use on their website.

Break up your requests into pieces that make it easy for your client to understand. So instead of "homepage content", start with a header area- and in that header you need a heading, subheading and background image.

3. Instructions & Visuals

This is the most effective part - and the part that most people skip.

For each piece of content that you ask for, provide some instructions on how to write it. Instead of just asking for a heading, provide a mini-guide on how to write an effective heading. Below there are some copy and paste guides to get you started.

Include wireframes or mockups to help your clients visualise where the content will go on their site. You can visualise websites in your head because you do this every day. Clients don't.

Best practices

This video goes through how to set up your requests using best practices learned from the most successful agencies that use Content Snare.

Downloads to get to started

Here are some resources to get you started in setting up Content Snare to get content effectively.


These are generic wireframes that you can use to give clients an idea of what their final website might look like. Remind your clients that these are a guide only to help them visualise, and are not exactly what their website will look like.

The wireframes are broken down into:

  • Navigation
  • Headers
  • Call to action
  • Content Sections
  • Features/services
  • Footers
  • And more

In the zip file you will find the following info:

  • Sections.csv - a description of each wireframe
  • Sections folder - Images you can copy straight into a Google doc or upload to Snare
  • Source.sketch - The sketch files of all wireframes, free for you to modify

Download it here. If asked, the password is GIMME.

Writing Instructions

These are some basic copywriting instructions that you can include in the "instructions" area in Content Snare.

For example, if you are asking for a 3 column services section, use the instructions on how to write an impactful services blurb.

There are guides for headings, services, about, testimonials and more.

View it here. Take a copy of this document into your own Google Drive or download as an Excel spreadsheet.

Writing Guides

These are entire guides aimed at educating your clients on how to write effective copy.

You can link them directly to guides on the Content Snare website, or take a copy of our Google Documents and put your own logo on them.

There are guides for:

  • General copy
  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Products and services

Get them here.

Email templates and onboarding info

A common mistake is simply relying on the emails that Content Snare sends out.

Before you even get started, it's important to warm your clients up to what Content Snare is. That way they don't get a surprise email from a system they have never heard of.

These templates help you do that. You may also wish to edit Content Snare's built-in follow up templates to add some of the above instructional material for your clients.

Another option is to brief all of your clients how your process works through your own onboarding sequence. If you haven't heard of onboarding, check out Erin's guest post on our blog.

Some people do this by having a special hidden page on their website that they send clients to. Check out this post for more info.

You can use the body of the email below on your 'Getting Started' page.

Hey [client name]

We use a system called Content Snare to help us collect everything we need from you to build your website. This includes things like headings, service descriptions, images, contact info and more.

It makes the project run smoother by:

  1. Providing one central location for all your content
  2. Avoiding long email trails and back and forth
  3. Not worrying about emails getting lost or missed
  4. Allowing you to fill it out progressively when you have time

You'll receive an email from the system once we have set it up.

Once inside, you will find some images that help you visualise the structure of the site. They are examples of how the site will be laid out - not necessarily the exact look and feel that your site will have.


[Your Name]

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