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Client identity verification form

client identity verification form

Need to verify the identity of your clients? You're in the right place! Whether you're a law firm, an independent attorney, or a legal consultant, this Client Identity Verification Form is just what you need. It's designed to gather all the essential information to validate your clients' identity. With this form, you can streamline your onboarding process, ensure compliance, and build client trust. Let's get started!

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Questions to include on your Client identity verification form

1. Personal Information

This section seeks to collect basic identifiable information about the client.

  • What is your full legal name?
  • What is your date of birth?
  • What is your nationality?
  • What is your gender?

The question about nationality is crucial as it helps understand the jurisdiction under which the client falls.

2. Contact Information

Contact details are important for any further communication or updates.

  • What is your email address?
  • What is your phone number?
  • What is your residential address?

3. Professional Information

This section collects the client's professional details.

  • What is your profession?
  • Name of your law firm/attorney office?
  • What is the address of your law firm/attorney office?

4. Identification Documents

Legal affairs require authentic identification documents for validation.

  • Please upload a scanned copy of your passport
  • Please upload a scanned copy of your driver's license

These questions ask for important identification documents that are universally accepted. It provides a double layer of validation for client identity.

This section aims to gather information about the client's legal practice.

  • What is your area of legal practice?
  • How many years of professional practice do you have?
  • Are you a member of any bar association?
  • If yes, please provide the name of the bar association

This section can help in understanding the client's professional background and expertise level. Information on bar association membership is crucial for verifying the legitimacy of the client.

Things to consider

  1. Secure Data Handling - Ensure all data collected is stored and handled securely. Confidentiality is paramount, especially when dealing with legal professionals. Make sure you use an encrypted connection and secure file storage for uploaded documents.
  2. User-Friendly Design - Keep the form simple and easy to navigate. A complex form can frustrate users and lead to higher drop-off rates. Make sure the form is mobile-friendly too, as many users may access it from their phones.
  3. Clear Instructions - Provide clear instructions for each field. This will minimize the risks of incorrect data entry. If a question requires a specific format or type of input, make sure to indicate this.
  4. Progress Save Feature - Use a form feature that allows users to save their progress and complete the form later. This is especially important if your form is long and requires time to gather the information.
  5. Utilize Validation Checks - Implement automatic validation checks for entries like email addresses. This helps prevent typos and ensures you collect accurate data.
  6. Avoid Asking for Sensitive Information Unless Necessary - Only request sensitive information if it's absolutely necessary. When you do ask for it, explain why you need it to build trust and encourage accurate responses.
  7. Feedback Option - Include a section for feedback or queries at the end of the form. This will help you identify any potential issues or improvements, enhancing the user experience over time.

How to create your Client identity verification form

Now that you know what questions you should include, it's time to build your form!

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