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Divorce intake questionnaire

divorce intake questionnaire

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If you're running a law firm, or you're an attorney or lawyer specializing in family law, then this Divorce Intake Questionnaire is just for you. It's designed to gather all the necessary information from your clients right at the get-go. This saves you time, streamlines your initial consultations, and helps you get straight to the heart of your clients' needs. Ready to get started? Let's dive in!

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Questions to include on your Divorce intake questionnaire

1. Client Information

This set of questions seeks to obtain the client's basic information that is relevant to the case.

  • What is your full name?
  • What is your contact number?
  • What is your email address?
  • What is your current marital status? (Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed)
  • What is the best time to contact you? (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)

2. Spouse Information

This set of questions seeks to obtain basic information about the spouse involved in the divorce case.

  • What is your spouse's full name?
  • What is the date of your marriage?

3. Children Information

If there are children involved, this section seeks to obtain information about them which is critical in custody discussions.

  • Do you have any children with your spouse? (Yes, No)
  • If yes, how many?
  • Please provide the names and birth dates of the children.

4. Financial Information

This set of questions seeks to gain an understanding of the financial situation of the client which is crucial in property division and alimony discussion.

  • Are you currently employed? (Yes, No)
  • What is your current annual income?
  • Does your spouse work? (Yes, No)
  • What is your spouse's annual income?
  • Do you or your spouse own any properties? (Yes, No)
  • If yes, please provide details.

5. Special Circumstances

This set of questions looks for any special circumstances that may affect the proceedings or outcome of the divorce.

  • Are there any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements in place? (Yes, No)
  • If yes, please provide details.
  • Are there any cases of abuse or domestic violence? (Yes, No)
  • If yes, please provide details.

This section on special circumstances allows for the identification of any factors that could influence the case, such as prenuptial agreements or instances of abuse. The lawyer can then prepare accordingly.

Things to consider

  1. Legality and Confidentiality - Be sure to include a privacy statement ensuring that information shared is confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of the divorce proceedings.
  2. Simplicity - Avoid using legal jargon. Keep the language simple and easy to understand so clients can answer accurately without confusion.
  3. Form Length - Make sure the form isn’t too long. Long forms can discourage users from completing them. Break the form into parts with subheadings for better readability.
  4. Field Types - Utilize appropriate HTML5 field types. This helps to validate user input and make the form easier to fill out. For instance, ‘tel’ for phone number fields and ‘email’ for email fields.
  5. Mandatory Fields - Highlight mandatory fields. This prompts the user to fill out all necessary information and decreases the chances of incomplete submissions.
  6. Providing Help - Use tooltips or help texts for questions that may need additional context or explanation. This will guide the user in providing accurate responses.
  7. Save Feature - If the form is long, consider including a save feature. This allows users to save their progress and continue filling it out at a later time.

How to create your Divorce intake questionnaire

Now that you know what questions you should include, it's time to build your form!

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