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Employee exit interview form

employee exit interview form

Looking to better understand employee turnover in your organization? This Employee Exit Interview Form is a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes, particularly those in the Human Resources sector. By using this form, you can gather insightful feedback from departing employees, helping you refine your retention strategies. Get ready to uncover the reasons behind employee exits and use this knowledge to create a more engaging and satisfying work environment. Let's dive in!

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Questions to include on your Employee exit interview form

1. Employee Information

These are basic information about the employee to help you identify who they are and what position they held in the company.

  • What is your full name?
  • What is the title of your position?
  • What is your last working day?

2. Job Satisfaction

These questions are intended to understand the employee’s level of satisfaction during their employment.

  • How satisfied were you with your job? (Very Unsatisfied, Unsatisfied, Neutral, Satisfied, Very Satisfied)
  • What did you like the most about your job?
  • What did you dislike the most about your job?

Understanding what the employee liked and disliked about their job can help the company improve its work environment and prevent other employees from leaving for the same reasons.

3. Management

This section is designed to get feedback about the employee's manager or supervisor.

  • How would you rate your relationship with your supervisor? (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent)
  • Please share any comments about your supervisor.

The relationship with a supervisor can significantly influence an employee's satisfaction and decision to leave, so it's important to understand this aspect.

4. Training and Development

These questions are for understanding the employee's experience with their personal and professional development throughout their employment.

  • Were you provided with adequate training to perform your job effectively? (Yes, No)
  • Did you feel that there were sufficient opportunities for professional growth in your role? (Yes, No)

Knowing whether the employee felt adequately trained or saw growth opportunities can help the company improve these areas and increase employee retention.

5. Departure

These questions aim to understand the reasons for the employee's departure.

  • What is the primary reason for your departure?
  • Would you consider returning to work here in the future? (Yes, No, Maybe)

Understanding the main reason for an employee's departure can help the company address any issues and possibly prevent future departures. Knowing if they would consider returning can indicate the overall experience they had with the company.

Things to consider

  1. Clarity - Make sure your questions are clear and concise to avoid any confusion. Ambiguous or complex questions can result in inaccurate responses.
  2. Privacy - Ensure the form is confidential and that responses are handled sensitively. Privacy concerns can affect the honesty and openness of responses.
  3. Ease of Use - Use multiple choice or rating scale questions where possible, as they are easier to respond to than open-ended ones.
  4. Respectful Language - Craft your questions with respect and understanding. Remember, exiting employees may be going through a range of emotions.
  5. Break Down into Sections - Group similar questions together under specific headings. This makes the form easier to navigate and understand.
  6. Required and Optional Fields - Use required fields sparingly. While some information is necessary, making too many fields mandatory might discourage comprehensive responses.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions - Include spaces for open feedback and suggestions. This allows employees to share thoughts that might not be covered by your specific questions.

How to create your Employee exit interview form

Now that you know what questions you should include, it's time to build your form!

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