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Information request form

information request form

If you're a business looking to gather valuable information from other businesses, you've come to the right place. The information request form is designed for companies across various industries seeking insights, solutions, and partnership opportunities.

By using this form, you'll efficiently collect relevant details, understand the needs of your prospective clients or partners, and establish a solid foundation for future communication. So, let's get started and streamline your information-gathering process!

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Questions to include on your information request form

1. Basic Information

Collecting basic information about the business is essential for understanding their needs and maintaining contact.

  • What is the name of your business?
  • What is your business's website URL?
  • What industry does your business operate in? (Manufacturing, Retail, Services, etc.)
  • What is your target audience?

2. Contact Information

Gather contact information of the person requesting the information to facilitate follow-up communication.

  • What is your name?
  • What is your job title?
  • What is your email address?
  • What is your phone number?

3. Information Request Details

Understanding the specific information requested by the business allows you to provide tailored and relevant responses.

  • What type of information are you seeking? (Services, Pricing, Partnership Opportunities, etc.)
  • Please provide any additional details about your information request.

4. Business Needs

Asking about the business's needs can help you better understand their pain points and tailor your response accordingly.

  • What challenges is your business currently facing?
  • How do you hope our services/products will address these challenges?

The question about challenges faced by the business is important as it allows you to gain insights into their current situation and provide a customized solution.

5. Preferred Contact Method

Knowing the preferred contact method ensures you can respond in a way that is most convenient for the requester.

  • How would you like us to respond to your information request? (Email, Phone Call, Video Conference, In-Person Meeting)

6. Additional Information

Allowing businesses to share any extra information or concerns can help you address any issues not covered by the previous questions.

  • Is there any other information or concerns you'd like to share with us?

Things to consider

  1. Mobile-Friendliness - Ensure your form is responsive and easy to use on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This will make the form more accessible and convenient for users.
  2. Clear Instructions - Provide clear, concise instructions for each question, avoiding jargon and technical terms. This will make it easier for users to understand what information is required.
  3. Logical Flow - Organize questions in a logical order, grouping them by theme or category. This will help users navigate the form more easily and improve their overall experience.
  4. Mandatory vs. Optional Fields - Clearly indicate which questions are mandatory and which are optional. This will ensure that you collect the most critical information without overwhelming users with too many required fields.
  5. Field Validation - Use HTML5 input types and validation features to ensure that users provide the correct data format (e.g., email addresses, phone numbers). This will reduce errors and improve data quality.
  6. Progress Indicators - If your form is lengthy, consider using progress indicators to show users how far they've come and how much is left to complete. This can help motivate them to finish the form.
  7. Save and Resume Functionality - Allow users to save their progress and resume later if they're unable to complete the form in one sitting. This can prevent frustration and increase the likelihood of form completion.

How to create your information request form

Now that you know what questions you should include, it's time to build your form!

The only problem is that traditional forms tools are inefficient.

People will forget to fill out your form. They'll get stuck halfway and not be able to finish it. Or they'll send you the wrong stuff. You end up wasting hours chasing people down over email. 

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Content Snare is packed with advanced features that will have you hours:

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  • Reject incorrect information - If a single question is filled out incorrectly, ask your client to re-do just that one item.
  • Autosaving - No progress gets lost. People can fill out forms in multiple sittings.
  • Comments and questions - If the person filling the form gets stuck, they can ask a question without having to email you.

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