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Personal development plan survey

personal development plan survey

Looking to enhance your team's skills in a non-profit organization? Personal Development Plan Survey is your tool. Tailor-made for non-profits, it's perfect for those seeking to improve the personal and professional growth of their team. Whether you're a small grassroots organization or a large international charity, this survey helps align individual growth with your organization's mission. Let's get started!

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Questions to include on your Personal development plan survey

1. Organization Information

To understand the nonprofit's current situation and future goals, we need to gather basic information about the organization.

  • What is the name of your organization?
  • What is your role in the organization?
  • How many employees are there in your organization?
  • What is your organization's field of work?
  • What are your organization's primary objectives for the upcoming year?

The objectives question helps determine the organization's goals and aids in aligning the personal development plan with these goals.

2. Personal Development Needs

To tailor a personal development plan that suits your needs, we need to understand your expectations and the areas you want to improve.

  • What are the areas you feel you need personal development in? (Leadership, Communication, Project Management, Strategic Thinking, Other)
  • Rate your satisfaction with your current skill level in these areas. (Very unsatisfied, Unsatisfied, Neutral, Satisfied, Very Satisfied)
  • Please specify if there are any other areas you seek improvement in.

The areas of improvement question allows us to understand the specific needs of the person filling out the form.

3. Preferred Learning Methods

Understanding your preferred learning methods will help us create a personalized development plan.

  • What method of learning do you prefer? (Seminars, Online courses, Workshops, Peer-to-peer coaching, Other)
  • How much time can you dedicate to personal development weekly?

The preferred learning method question helps us deliver the development plan in the most effective and convenient way for the respondent.

4. Feedback and Suggestions

Feedback and suggestions will assist us in continuously improving our personal development plan offerings.

  • Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our personal development plans?
  • Would you be willing to participate in a follow-up survey? (Yes, No)

The feedback and suggestions section helps us understand the expectations and experiences of the respondents, allowing us to improve our offerings and ensure satisfaction.

Things to consider

  1. Simplicity - Keep the form as simple and straightforward as possible. Avoid using complex words or industry jargon to ensure comprehension by all users.
  2. Privacy - Be aware of sensitive data. Make sure to provide reassurances about data privacy and confidentiality, especially when asking personal development questions.
  3. Accessibility - The form should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the device they’re using. Ensure responsive design so it's equally usable on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  4. Clear Instructions - Make sure each question is clear and concise. Misinterpretations can lead to inaccurate responses.
  5. Use of Mandatory Fields - If certain information is critical, make those fields mandatory to prevent the form from being submitted without them. However, too many mandatory fields can discourage people from filling out the form.
  6. Feedback Option - Provide an option for open-ended feedback. This allows users to share information that may not be captured by the structured questions.
  7. Testing - Test the form thoroughly before distribution. This can help identify and rectify any issues such as navigation problems, unclear questions, or technical glitches.

How to create your Personal development plan survey

Now that you know what questions you should include, it's time to build your form!

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  • Comments and questions - If the person filling the form gets stuck, they can ask a question without having to email you.

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