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Student attendance questionnaire

student attendance questionnaire

Are you running a School Management Software business or an Educational Consultancy?

This Student Attendance Questionnaire is tailor-made for you. With this list, you can easily gather crucial data about student attendance practices from schools and colleges.

You'll gain insights into attendance rates, improvement measures, and challenges faced. This knowledge can help shape your services to better meet the needs of your clients. Let's dive in!

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Questions to include on your Student attendance questionnaire

1. Basic Information

Collecting basic information about the respondent school or college is necessary for further communication and reference.

  • What is the name of your School/College?
  • What is the location of your School/College?
  • Who is the contact person for student attendance matters?
  • What is the contact person's email address?

2. Attendance Information

This will help you understand the attendance-related practices and guidelines of the school or college.

  • What is the current student attendance rate at your institution?
  • Does your school/college have a specific attendance policy?
  • If yes, please briefly describe your attendance policy.
  • Do you use any software for tracking student attendance?

Understanding the attendance rate can help analyze the effectiveness of the school's current system, and knowing their attendance policy can provide context to this data.

3. Measures for Improvement

This will provide insights into the efforts being made by the school to improve student attendance.

  • Are there any steps being taken to improve student attendance?
  • If yes, please briefly describe these measures.
  • Have these measures been effective?

It's essential to know about any measures the school is taking to improve attendance to assess their commitment to the issue, and the effectiveness of these measures indicates whether they are on the right track.

4. Challenges and Issues

This information will help you understand the challenges and issues schools and colleges face regarding student attendance.

  • What challenges do you face to maintain/improve student attendance?
  • Are there specific issues with student attendance during certain periods? (e.g., during exams, winter, etc.)
  • If yes, please specify.

Knowing the challenges schools face can help in creating solutions that are tailored to their specific issues. Understanding periods of low attendance could help in identifying patterns and creating targeted solutions.

Things to consider

  1. User-Friendly Design - Keep the form simple and straightforward. Break down the form into logical sections so that it's easier for the respondents to understand and complete.
  2. Optional vs Required Fields - Design the form in such a way that it makes clear which fields are optional and which are mandatory. This helps to ensure that you don't miss out on important information.
  3. Use of Appropriate Field Types - Use the right type of field for each question. For example, use radio buttons for yes/no questions, select for multiple choice, and text area for longer answers. This makes the form easy to navigate and complete.
  4. Limit Open-Ended Questions - While it's important to have some open-ended questions, too many can make the form time-consuming to fill out. Try to balance these with more structured question types.
  5. Privacy and Confidentiality - Make sure to reassure respondents that their information will be kept confidential. This is especially important for schools and colleges as they may be reluctant to share sensitive data.
  6. Clear Instructions - Each question should be clearly worded and easy to understand. Avoid using industry jargon or complicated language that might confuse respondents.
  7. Mobile Responsiveness - Many users will be accessing the form on their mobile devices, so ensure that your form is mobile-friendly.

How to create your Student attendance questionnaire

Now that you know what questions you should include, it's time to build your form!

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