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Website maintenance questionnaire

website maintenance questionnaire

Looking to streamline your website maintenance process? This questionnaire is ideal for businesses like web design agencies, digital marketing firms, or any enterprise managing multiple websites.

By using our Website Maintenance Questionnaire, you'll get a detailed understanding of your clients' needs, their websites' complexity, and their previous maintenance experiences.

Make the process of maintaining websites less stressful and more efficient. Start with these insightful questions.

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Questions to include on your Website maintenance questionnaire

1. Basic Information

This section is meant to gather basic information about the web design agencies.

  • What is the name of your agency?
  • What is your agency's website URL?
  • What is your agency's official email address?
  • What is your agency's phone number?
  • Who is the primary contact at your agency?
  • What is the primary contact's email address?

2. Website Details

This segment is designed to comprehend the type of website that the agency maintains and its complexity.

  • What type of website do you maintain? (E-commerce, Corporate, Personal Blog, News, Social Media, Others)
  • How many pages does your website have approximately?
  • Does your website have a blog section? (Yes, No)
  • Is your website multilingual? (Yes, No)
  • What platform is your website built on? (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Custom HTML, Others)

The multilingual and platform questions help understand the complexity of the website. These factors could influence the maintenance effort required.

3. Maintenance Requirements

This section is meant to understand the agency's specific needs and preferences regarding website maintenance.

  • How frequently do you require website updates? (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually, Annually)
  • What types of updates are usually required? (Content, Design, Security, Functionality, SEO, Others)
  • Do you require regular website backup? (Yes, No)
  • How quickly do you expect bug fixes to be implemented?
  • Are there any specific hours for maintenance to avoid downtime during peak hours? (Yes, No) If yes, when?

The questions regarding the type of updates and frequency give an understanding of the amount of work that may be involved. The question on bug fixes helps set expectations on response times for critical issues.

4. Previous Maintenance Experience

This section is designed to understand the agency's past experiences with website maintenance.

  • Have you outsourced website maintenance before? (Yes, No)
  • If yes, how would you rate your satisfaction with the previous service? (1-5, where 1 is Very Dissatisfied and 5 is Very Satisfied)
  • What difficulties have you faced with website maintenance in the past?

The questions in this section provide insight into previous experiences, which can help tailor the services to meet the agency's expectations better.

Things to consider

  1. Simplicity - Avoid complex jargon and keep your questions simple and easy to understand. This will help the respondent to fill out the form more quickly and accurately.
  2. Relevance - Make sure every question on the form is relevant to the information you need. Irrelevant questions can frustrate users and make them less likely to complete the form.
  3. Required Fields - Identify which questions are mandatory to answer and mark them with an asterisk (*). This will help ensure you receive all the necessary information.
  4. Privacy - If you are collecting sensitive information such as email addresses, ensure you have a clear privacy policy linked to the form explaining how you will use and protect this data.
  5. Feedback Mechanism - Include a section at the end of the form where respondents can give feedback or ask questions. This can help you improve the form in the future.
  6. Progress Bar - If your form is long, consider including a progress bar. This can motivate users to complete the form as they can see how much they still have to go.
  7. Responsive Design - Ensure your form is responsive and can be easily filled out on different devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

How to create your Website maintenance questionnaire

Now that you know what questions you should include, it's time to build your form!

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