Jumpchart Alternative

We’ve been asked a few times if Content Snare is a Jumpchart alternative.

The answer is not clear cut. It really depends what you would want to use Jumpchart for.

Content Snare Is…

A tool aimed at small to medium web agencies who want to take some of the pain out of extracting content from clients. Normally this process ends up with a mess of content in different formats, and requires endless follow ups to get the client to actually send something.

Think of it like a form builder on steroids. It provides a central place for ALL content to go, ensuring it is in a consistent format ready to copy and paste into the final website. It will also do all the chasing of clients for you.

If you build a lot of websites which have similar components (e.g. every website has a contact page), Content Snare’s template system allows you to reuse those blocks so you don’t have to start from scratch for every client.

It will help you with getting all that content out of your clients (or from a writer), getting approvals from key people, and setting it up on the new website quickly and easily.

Content Snare Is Not…

A wireframing or visual website builder. There is no special syntax for creating HTML elements to display a website demo. At least not yet. If this is what you need, then Jumpchart might be a better option.

See If It Works For You

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