020 - How to get more productive with Mike Vardy

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Agency Highway
020 - How to get more productive with Mike Vardy

Mike is (or runs) the Productivityist where he helps people get more productive with coaching, workshops and tools.

He’s had a huge impact on the way I run my days through various techniques I’ve learned from him. We met a couple of years ago at Tropical Think Tank - Chris Ducker’s discontinued event in the Philippines where Mike was forced to hang out with me for days in a place he couldn’t escape.

You’ll learn how to get your time back and use the time you do have more effectively.

We discuss:

  • Quick wins for productivity
  • Daily theming
  • Horizontal theming
  • Using triggers (like mugs and clothes) to get in the zone
  • Making journaling work for you

Get Mike’s resources about where to start with daily theming and more at https://productivityist.com/agencyhighway

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About Mike

I'm Mike Vardy and my mission is to help people craft their time so that they can define their day, funnel their focus, and make every moment matter. I write about crafting time. I podcast about crafting time. I even started making videos about crafting time. What I share whenever and wherever I can is my personal productivity methodology and philosophy called TimeCrafting.

I'm a Canadian living pretty much as far west as you can in Canada...Victoria, BC. I have an amazing and supportive wife named Anne and am the father of two: my daughter Grace, and my son Colton. So when I'm not sharing my message of TimeCrafting I'm hanging out with them.

Speaking of sharing my message, I've crafted a special link for you to go and get some free TimeCrafting tips and tactics. Just visit productivityist.com/agencyhighway to get those goodies.