052 - The importance of UX with Piccia Neri

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Agency Highway
052 - The importance of UX with Piccia Neri

UX is an often overlooked part of web design. Piccia Neri joins the podcast to talk about why UX is so important and how you can use it to differentiate yourself, get recurring income and build better products & websites.

Topics discussed include:

  • UX beyond the website
  • Empathy in UX (where it all starts), never ending
  • ‘Growth driven design’
  • How to sell better with UX
  • Launching non-perfect websites
  • A great question to add to your intake form

Steps in UX (Design Thinking Process)

  • Research - interviews with owner and target audience, employees
  • Sitemaps & user personas
  • User flows
  • Wireframes
  • Design
  • Testing
  • Where to find people to test
  • Optimization

Resources mentioned in the episode

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Connect with Piccia

About Piccia

With a background in art theory, Piccia Neri has been a practicing designer for over 2 decades, working with major cultural institutions as well as top London agencies on global brands. Piccia led the creative direction of the design department at the British Film Institute, London. She was vice-president of the Chartered Society of Designers (UK) 2013-16.  

After 20 years in London Piccia currently runs her own global web, UX & design consultancy agency from Spain. She educates developers, techies and marketers as well as clients on design, running workshops and courses, and speaking at conferences on design topics.