100 - Mega episode: Most common agency problems

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
100 - Mega episode: Most common agency problems

Triple digits!

This is a two-part episode. I invited 2 friends onto the show who have been helping agency owners in various Facebook communities for a long time - Nick Gulic & Corey Dodd. 

Part 1 flips the script and they interview me about how the podcast has helped our business, what has changed over the course of 100 episodes and where it’s going next. 

Part 2 begins at 34 minutes. There are a lot of common questions we see popping up from agency owners - from getting clients to not having enough time. We tackle them one by one in this extended discussion. 

Topics and resources mentioned in this episode

  • How to get more clients
    • Networking
    • Content Snare post on how to get clients
    • Cold outreach 
    • Strategic partnerships (best approach)
  • Niching 
    • Wtf is niching anyway??
    • How to niche
    • Do I need to?
  • Charging enough and increasing prices
  • No profit despite being busy
    • Time tracking
    • Crap margins - not charging enough or too much wasted time
  • Having no time
    • Too many services
    • Saying yes too much
    • Actually give a shit about your time
    • Outsource
      • GoWP
      • Good hosting
      • Email hosting!!
      • Create a reliable network of freelancers
    • Automate
    • Process
  • Scaling
    • Do you need to?
    • Profits vs fees
    • Built to sell
    • Recurring revenue (with good margin)
    • Hiring - treating people like monkeys

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