The easy way to gather content from your clients

Slickplan Alternative

Every so often we get asked if Content Snare is a Sickplan alternative.

The answer is: In one aspect, yes.

It depends what you want to use Slickplan for.

Content Snare Is

A tool for small to medium web agencies to make extracting content from clients easy.

The normal process of getting content from clients can be a pain in butt. It takes endless follow ups to get anything at all out of clients, and when they do it comes in a horrible mix of formats and styles.

Content Snare provides a central place for all website content to go. It enforces rules on what that content should and shouldn't be, so you don't have to spend hours messing with the conttent to get it ready for the website. To save you the headache, it also follows up clients on your behalf.

Content Snare's template system allows you to reuse blocks that you would normally use on different clients, so you don't have to start from scratch for every client. An example might be a contact page.

It will help you with getting all that content out of your clients (or from a writer), getting approvals from key people, and setting it up on the new website quickly and easily.

Content Snare Is Not...

A visual wireframing tool or sitemap builder. While you can create pages as tabs in Content Snare, it will not create a visual representation of this. If this part is important to you, Slickplan is a better option.

See If It Works For You

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