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What you'll learn

Tax time can be a huge headache. When you're dealing with lots of clients, tight deadlines and clients sending the wrong info, it gets stressful. In this hands-on session you'll learn how to:

  • Stop client procrastination
  • Get documents back on time
  • Have easy access to every file that your clients upload in one place

The results you'll get

Efficiency, streamlined systems, happy clients.

Your host, James, has helped 1000s of companies streamline their systems to get the information the need from clients, faster. But there's more to it. With this process, you'll: 

  • Create an amazing experience for you clients that makes them happy
  • Reduce the time chasing clients and processing documents by 78% (based on median outcomes)
  • Eliminate much of the tax-time stress for you and your team

The agenda

What you're getting

We'll cover the most important things for 

  • Typical process pitfalls and how to fix them
  • 3 key principles for getting documents faster
  • How to set up your system

Plus, you'll get a BONUS PDF with helpful information for you to refer back to later.

Let's get your docs back faster!

See how easy it is to create a simple efficient way to get the document you at tax time. No fuss, no spam, just good content.


Can I watch this webinar at any time?

Yes, you can, this webinar is available for you to watch whenever it fits in with your schedule.

How long will I get access to the webinar?

You'll have access to this webinar for as long as Content Snare is around for you to re-watch whenever you like.

Do I have to sign up to Content Snare in order to watch?

Not at all, all you need to do is fill out the form on the top of this page and we will send the link to watch the webinar to your email. You don't need to sign up to Content Snare to watch it.

What others say

Adam Dierselhuis,
O'Connels OBM

"Having implemented Content Snare, our response rate has been miles better. We’re actually getting turnaround within a week!"

Nicole Meloni,
Connected Accounting

“Content Snare has freed up time for accountants who should be doing accounting - not chasing documentation."

Brooke Swan

Brooke Swan,
Clarity Bookkeeping

"I recommend Content Snare to any bookkeepers and just anyone. All the time! I actually also have clients that use Content Snare in their businesses because they just like it so much."

Brian Goodwin,

“Our business would not have been able to scale and grow without this. We’ve probably been able to triple our business because of this because we were spending so much time tracking down data."

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Content Snare removes chasing content and documents from your to-do list, freeing up your time, energy and headspace to focus on getting your job done, growing your business or, simply, just enjoying more spare time back in your day.

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