Website Questionnaire Questions

Here's the full list of questions we ask. You don't need all of them, and you might want to add some of your own. If you're using a form builder that supports multiple pages, it's a good idea to split them up. These splits are marked below. Square brackets indicate the instructions to go along with the question.

    1. Your Info
      1. Your Name*
      2. Your Email*
      3. Phone Number
      4. How did you find out about us? [If someone told you about us, enter their name here]
    2. Your Business
      1. Business name* [The one that this website will be for]
      2. Tagline
      3. Do you already own your domain name? [e.g.]
      4. Your current website or domain [If you don't own a domain yet, enter the one you want here]
      5. Do you have your web content ready?
        1. Yes, take it from my existing website
        2. Yes, it's in documents ready to go
        3. Nope, but I will be writing it
        4. Nope, and I need help with it
      6. How long have you been in business?
      7. How many staff do you have?
      8. What are your products and services?
      9. How do you want to be perceived? (e.g. professional, fun)
      10. Copy in the URL for up to 3 competitors
    3. Your Audience and Customers
      1. Who are your ideal customers? [e.g. how old are they? Male or female? Where do they live? Do they run a business? How big are those businesses? Do they have a family?]
      2. Why are they visiting your website? [e.g. research, to buy a product, read news, download something, find out how to contact you]
      3. Anything else you can tell us about the people that you want to visit your site?
      4. What is your average sale value (approx)?* [How much is the initial sale usually worth? If you don't know, write "I don't know"]
      5. What is your customer life time value (approx)?* [How much is a client worth to you over the time they work with you? If you don't know, write "I don't know"]
    4. Your Website
      1. Why do you need a new website?
      2. What do you like about your old website?
      3. What don’t you like?
      4. Describe your ideal website in 1-2 sentences
      5. To call your website a success, what would need to happen?
      6. What is the MOST important single thing that a visitor to your site should do? [e.g. call you, send you an email, book a time, buy something]
      7. Any secondary goals? [e.g. Sign up to a newsletter, send you an email]
      8. Tick any of the following features you would like on your website
      9. Any other technical details or features we need to include? [What's in your head... what do you want the website to do? Let loose here]
      10. If you already know, list out the pages you want on your site
    5. Design
      1. Copy in the URL of 3 to 5 websites you like, describe what you do and don’t like with each one
      2. What is the primary colour of your branding?
      3. Secondary colours?
      4. Upload your current logo
      5. Do you have any concerns or worries? [Don't hold back. We want to know it all so that we can make this a good experience for everyone]
      6. What is your budget?*
      7. What is your timeframe for the project?*