Helen Heidel

Marketing Director

Helen is a creative copywriter with over six years of agency experience in the marketing and branding world. She’s crafted campaigns and content for brands like Accor and Ford to lean and local small businesses. Based out of Bangkok, when she’s not typing away at her keyboard, she’s probably stuck in traffic.

Expertise:  Content Marketing, Behavioral and Mental Health, Hospitality
Oregon State University


  • Runs content marketing agency Hone Copywriting,supporting clients in the behavioural and mental health space.
  • 8+ years exprience wriring in the content marketing and hospitality spaces. 


Helen remembers getting her first "big kid" writing assignment when she was 10 years old. What was supposed to be a one-page piece turned into a mini-novel… she literally couldn’t put her pencil down. From then on, she knew writing would be a part of her life. As she got older, she took an interest in how writing and design come together to create an experience. That led her to a career in marketing. Today, Helen runs Hone Copywriting, a female-founded content marketing agency that specializes in the behavioural and mental health space. She spends her days creating content that supports people’s recovery journeys and finds this to be truly rewarding work. 


Helen holds her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Merchandising Management from Oregon State University. 

For Fun

When she’s not writing, Helen can be found enjoying a good book, keeping in shape, exploring world cuisines, or travelling the world any chance she gets. 

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