009 - Creating a client management system with Jennifer Bourn

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
009 - Creating a client management system with Jennifer Bourn

This episode is all about automation to onboard your clients and keep them happy throughout the web design process.

Jennifer and I chat about using a hands-off system to educate your clients before you start work, help them through the process, let them know when their input will be required and more. It’s an amazing way to keep all your projects on track.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer is basically a mini celebrity in the WordPress business space.

She’s been a designer for 20 years and been in the agency game for THIRTEEN years. She’s a WordCamp host, regularly speaks at events and writes for various websites.

You’ll find her at jenniferbourn.com where she has an awesome blog for freelancers and agencies teaching all kinds of stuff to streamline projects.

You may have even heard of the Profitable Project Plan which is her 12 week course that helps you claw back your time to run a more profitable business with less stress.

Funnily enough… that’s what I like helping with too. So of course she is the perfect person for you to hear from today.