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Choosing a mortgage broker CRM

mortgage broker crm
By Drazen Vujovic. Reviewed by: James Rose. Last Updated June 22, 2024

Day-to-day life as a mortgage broker involves making complex transactions, navigating strict regulations, and addressing specific client needs. With no room for error or delays, mortgage brokers are doing everything they can to streamline their operations.

That’s where mortgage CRM software (or Customer Relationship Management systems) come into play. These powerful tools don’t only help loan officers store and manage client information; they can be game changers for lead generation and delivering exceptional customer service. 

If you’re looking for mortgage broker CRM software, this post is here to help. We’ll explore how these platforms provide value and share some options that you might want to explore to take your customer relationship management to the next level. 

Mortgage broker crm

Why the mortgage industry depends on CRMs

While many other industries from retail to e-commerce rely on CRM software, the mortgage industry’s need for them is unique in itself due to: 

Compliance requirements

Compliance regulations in the mortgage business are stringent and constantly changing. CRMs are built with compliance features in mind to help brokers stay on top of requirements. 

For example, a mortgage CRM system can be configured to send alerts and reminders for important compliance tasks, such as license renewals, document expiration dates, or regulatory changes. This helps mortgage brokers stay informed and up-to-date on their compliance obligations, reducing the risk of inadvertently violating regulations.

Personalized service 

One size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to mortgages and what clients need throughout the loan process. CRM solutions are powerful tools for organizing complete client details, preferences, and important dates like renewals or payment deadlines so that every client gets the personalized service that they need to navigate their mortgage process. 

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Relationship building 

In an industry built on trust and relationships, customer relationship management systems are a necessity for facilitating secure communication between mortgage professionals and their clients. Not only do they keep sensitive information like financial documents and identification documents secure, but they also make the communication process easy for the client. 

Common mortgage CRM software features to look for   

Here is a list of common features to look for in mortgage CRM software and how these features help you streamline the mortgage process.

Contact management
A centralized database for storing client contact information, loan details, communication history, and other relevant data.

Loan document management
Ability to upload, store, and organize client documents securely, such as income verification, identification, and property appraisals.

Workflow automation
Automation of repetitive tasks and processes, such as client onboarding, application processing, and follow-up communications.

Lead generation and management
Tools for capturing, tracking, and managing leads from various sources, including website inquiries, referrals, and marketing campaigns.

Communication tools
Integration with email, SMS, and other communication channels to facilitate client communication, follow-ups, and reminders.

Compliance management
Features to help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including document retention, audit trails, compliance alerts, and reporting capabilities.

Loan pipeline tracking
Visualization of the loan pipeline, including the status of applications, pending tasks, and key milestones in the loan process.

Reporting and analytics tools
Pre-built and customizable reports to track key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze sales trends, monitor pipeline health, and assess overall business performance.

Integration capabilities
Seamless integration with other software systems commonly used by mortgage brokers, such as loan origination systems (LOS) (or loan originating software), accounting software, and marketing automation platforms.

Mobile accessibility
Access to CRM features and data via a mobile app, allowing loan officers to manage client relationships and tasks while on the go.

Customization options
Ability to customize fields, workflows, and user permissions to align with the specific needs and processes of the brokerage.

Task management
Tools for assigning, tracking, and prioritizing tasks related to client interactions, applications, and compliance requirements.

Calendar and appointment scheduling
Integration with calendars for scheduling appointments, meetings, and follow-up tasks with clients and prospects.

Client portal
Secure portal where clients can access their loan applications, upload documents, track progress, and communicate with their broker.

Marketing tools
Features for creating and managing automated marketing campaigns, nurturing leads, and staying in touch with past clients through email newsletters, drip campaigns, and social media.

3 examples of top mortgage CRM software

1. Jungo - legacy mortgage broker CRM 

Jungo mortgage crm

Powered by Salesforce, Jungo is a legacy mortgage CRM system that’s widely used in the mortgage industry. 

While it offers many of the common CRM software features like document management, lead management, and the convenience of a mobile app, Jungo stands out for its marketing capabilities. It offers several helpful email marketing and video marketing tools for loan officers to nurture leads through automated outbound emails and nurture campaigns. 

One Jungo feature that we thought was pretty neat is what it calls its concierge program which helps mortgage brokers stay in touch with clients and increase customer loyalty post-close. The platform offers you different customer appreciation packages you can choose from to deliver personalized gifts and greeting cards to selected clients to leave a lasting impression. This thoughtful feature can significantly help increase client retention, strengthen customer relationships, and increase referrals.

Another area where Jungo excels is in its integrations with top LOS platforms including Encompass, Calyx Point, Velocity, LendingPad, and Byte. This wide list of integrations means you can eliminate the need for double data entry and optimize loan workflows, no matter what tool you use. 

2. Aidium (formerly Whiteboard) - modern mortgage CRM 

Aidium mortgage crm

Aidium is a contemporary mortgage CRM software tool that boasts raving reviews on Capterra. 

It positions itself as a more modern, simplified, and user-friendly option compared to legacy mortgage CRMs like Jungo, SureFire, and TotalExpert which offer plenty of advanced features at a much higher price. 

Aidium offers all the key features a mortgage professional would need like automation, marketing tools, contact management, and integrations at a more cost-effective price, without compromising at all on security features. 

One thing that Aidium has done differently is introduce its mortgage playbooks, which offer you a range of custom templates you can choose from to create and automate branded marketing content. This feature is designed to help you generate quality leads and maximize client engagement. 

3. Content Snare - mortgage document collection tool

Content Snare mortgage broker crm

Now that we’ve explored a legacy product and a more modern option, let’s talk about another tool that loan officers can use to streamline the mortgage process. 

Content Snare isn’t necessarily designed as an end-to-end CRM for mortgage brokers with lead generation features. It specializes as a data collection tool that speeds up the document collection process, reduces delays, and helps mortgage brokers and clients collaborate more effectively. 

Content Snare streamlines the collection of borrower documents like income statements, simplifies client onboarding, and boosts lending application processing each month. The platform allows you to create tailored questionnaires for clients, streamlining the gathering of client responses and documents into a centralized location. This eliminates the hassle of searching through multiple email threads for client information.

Content Snare offers two key features that help loan officers reduce errors and provide excellent service:

Approval/rejection of responses

Ensuring accuracy is crucial in the lending process. With Content Snare, loan officers can approve or reject each piece of information received, preventing surprises later on and maintaining the flow of the application process to avoid delays in commissions.

Automatic reminders

After sending out a questionnaire, Content Snare automatically prompts clients to complete their submissions within the specified deadline. This feature accelerates the process, sparing loan officers from repeatedly reminding clients of required documents.

Making the most informed decision

Selecting the right mortgage broker CRM software is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the efficiency and success of your business. By considering factors such as customization options, integrations, and user experience, you can find a solution that meets your unique needs. 

To ensure you make an informed decision, we highly recommend signing up for free trials of the software you're considering and reading reviews on platforms like Capterra and G2. These resources provide valuable insights from real users that can help you evaluate the pros and cons of each option. 

With thorough research and careful consideration, you can confidently choose the best mortgage broker CRM software for your business's growth and success.

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