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A great way to scale your agency - white label SEO

white label seo
By James Rose. Last Updated June 17, 2024

Growing your business and adding more revenue often means a whole bunch of extra work for you.

But there’s one highly leveraged strategy that I’ve always loved that can add a decent chunk of revenue without killing you.

That’s white label SEO.

In plain English, that means SEO where another company does the work. As far as your client is concerned, your company is doing the work and you just mark it up.

Some people don’t like this and feel like they are hiding it from their clients. If you fall into this camp, the solution is easy… just be honest with your clients. Tell them you work with another company to deliver their results and manage the project so they don’t have to.

It’s usually win-win anyway. Your client gets results and only has to deal with one company (you). You get results for your client and generate more revenue in the process.

Over the years I’ve dealt with a lot of different providers of white label SEO. Lets just say… the difference between top and bottom is… huge.

One of the first tells for this is the quality of their SEO questionnaire. You'd be surprised how easy it is to screw it up.

Recently I met the founder of eBrandz, Nicholas Dogulin. Gotta say I was pretty impressed. Not only do they do the legwork, but they give you a dashboard where your clients can log in and see their results for themselves. That not only makes you look more professional, but makes it really clear to your clients what they are paying for.

Anyway, I asked Nick to do a quick write up and introduce his service.

Take it away Nick!


You’re in the web game, either a digital agency, boutique web studio, freelancer or run a side hustle.

You have some great clients, bad clients, and let's face it, likely some low-budget clients.

You might have some staff or contractors working for you and you have delved in marketing channels to lure in more potential customers.

Overall, things are running OK. Though you don’t want things to be just, “OK”, you want to work out a way to grow and scale your operation so it can work for you and still deliver excellence to your customers while giving you freedom to work on the business and spend time doing things you love.

Hiring more staff and recurring revenue are what can make that happen. A slight problem though, you don’t quite have the capital to hire more staff just yet and you’re also unsure how you can add recurring revenue services to your operation which your customers would actually want and would pay for that delivers value, and on an ongoing monthly basis!

Keep things simple...

What is the one thing that every business needs in order to survive and grow? Customers!

How can you help your customers, to get more customers? Lead generation!

Great! You can offer your customers some social media management, or some paid traffic campaigns or do some search engine optimisation for their business. Though then you realise the time investment this requires, not to even mention the technical knowledge required and that you’d likely need to hire more staff to deliver this.

Back to the drawing board.

There is an alternative, a very cash flow positive alternative.

Partnering with a white label agency who specialises in lead generation and doing all the work for you on your behalf. You can expect the following deliverables for all your clients:

  • On Page SEO strategies and tactics
  • Off Page SEO strategies and tactics
  • Content writing such as blog posts, landing pages, page rewrites to be more SEO focused, press releases, infographics and so on.
  • Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Call tracking
  • Form tracking
  • Live Chat tool
  • Surveys for your customers to provide feedback from their customers
  • Integration of all the major SEO tools and in one dashboard branded with your logo
  • Communication to your clients done through your company email address
  • Unlimited complimentary detailed SEO/AdWords/Social audits for your sales process
  • Monthly unbranded newsletters for you to send to customers

All of this and more, on your behalf, through your brand. Essentially, an extension to your team.

An example of white label SEO software

The goal being to deliver results for and to your customers while masking your company domain, email and logo so everything appears to be done by you and ‘your team’. Not only this, but it happens through ‘your’ branded multimillion dollar proprietary dashboard which focuses on transparency, accountability, education and of course, analysis of the results. That also has a mobile app so its accessible 24/7 to you and your customers.

This is exactly what eBrandz do. We can be found in Sydney, Australia and online at ebrandz.com.au

eBrandz ANZ is Australia’s SEO and Paid Search white label agency and the Australian arm of eBrandz Inc which has been delivering online marketing results for 13+ years across 3 continents and works with some of the world’s largest brands for some of the globes largest agencies. Our goal here at eBrandz ANZ, is to help you effortlessly scale your agency. 

Schedule your Dashboard Demo today and see how we can help you from being just OK, to recurring revenue amazing!

Nicholas Dogulin, Director

eBrandz ANZ


James Rose

James is the co-founder of Content Snare - a software platform that helps professionals collect content & files from clients.

Once an automation engineer, his new priority is to help business owners regain their lives, be more productive and get more done in less time.