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Over the last few months, I’ve been checking out lots of different communities that web designers can go to for advice. I’m not talking about design inspiration or purely technical advice, instead advice for running a great business.

There are loads of different communities all over the web including LinkedIn, Facebook and the good old traditional forum. But in the end, the only really active ones with great info ended up being all on Facebook.

Let’s get into it. Here are the best Facebook groups for web designers.

Web Design and WordPress

WP Innovator

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Hosted by THE man Lee Jackson, WPInnovator is a great podcast with some great advice, even if you aren’t using WordPress.

Naturally, there’s also a Facebook group where podcast listeners (or just web designers) hang out, share good info and discuss cool things. You’re just not allowed to post cat pictures.

Check it out here

Grow Your Web Design Business

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Full disclosure… this one is our group. With an incredibly original name </sarcasm>, this is where we share all the best stuff we find for web designers and developers. That includes these blog posts, as well as awesome content from other great resources.

The content in here will help you improve processes, grow your business and do less work.

With this content, we take a strict less-is-more policy and only post the legit good stuff. I’m tired of wading through blogs with lots of crap content with one or two nuggets of gold. Now we take care of that part for you.

Check it out here

Advanced WordPress

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Obviously, this one is only for the WordPress crew.

This group is where I find out about almost every awesome new (or old) plugin that has made big changes to the way we build sites. Some of the commentary on these posts has been very enlightening and helpful.

On the flip side, it really is for advanced topics only. I frequently see people get torn apart for asking “beginner” questions, even borderline ones. That said, just by reading stuff in here, you’ll be better off.

Check it out here

WordPress Help and Share

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If you do want to ask the beginner questions, this is the place to do it. I wouldn’t necessarily follow posts from this group, as it is more people asking for help than the great info I get out of other groups.

Check it out here


I F**cking Love Marketing

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This one is run by Nathan Hague, a man full of genius, hilarity and awesomeness. The tips and tactics shared in here are among the best you’ll see from a free resource. Lots of awesome people in there. As the name might suggest, swearing goes.

Join here

* Nathan might ask you for a share to get into the group. I know some people don’t like doing that, but I like the fact that the extra step keeps a lot of dickheads out.

Automation Nation

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This group run by Barry Moore is all about the automation side of your business. Common topics include CRMs/marketing automation, payment processing, Zapier, lead capture. In other words, the stuff you need to be doing to improve your business.

Join here

Other Notables

Beaver Builders – If you’re a Beaver Builder user, this is a must

Advanced WooCommerce – If you are big on WooCommerce as well

WooCommerce Help & Share – Just some more Woo

Divi Theme Users – If you build your sites with Divi

There are obviously a ton more groups out there that I have not included here. I’ve only included the ones that:

  1. Are free
  2. Give me a ton of value consistently

So there you have it. Check ‘em out and let me know what you think in the comments.

James Rose

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