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A guide to creating the perfect life coaching intake form

life coaching intake form
By Marina Lovejoy-Black, Last Updated June 17, 2024

As a professional life coach, securing the first life coaching client for your business is a spectacular feeling, and one that brings you much closer to being able to open up that agency you’ve always wanted. From there, as you attract more and more prospective clients, the only way is up.

However, with more clients comes more stress and responsibility, as there’ll be a lot more things to keep track of. Searching for an email from Helen or trying to remember the date and time of your onboarding call with Malcolm should be the least of your worries when you're attempting to scale up a business and become a successful life coach.

Sending each and every one of your new clients a life coach intake form truly is the answer to all of your prayers. As well as creating a smooth and streamlined onboarding process, it’ll also keep your organisational skills sharp at all times.

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life coaching intake form

What questions should I include in a life coaching intake form? 

Whilst the specific questions you’ll need to include will sometimes be different depending on the client and their customized program, there are definitely some basics that should always make an appearance. 

We’ve grouped these together for you into a handy bunch of 22 questions, allowing you to collect all the answers you’ll initially need for the coaching process. 

Basic Details

This first set of questions will give you an insight into the client’s personal information, contact details and employment status.

  1. Please provide your full name. 
  1. How old are you?
  1. Please provide your date of birth. 
  1. Please specify your gender. 
  1. Please provide your primary contact phone number. 
  1. Please provide your primary contact email address. 
  1. Please provide your full address and postal/zip code. 
  1. Please specify your marital status.
  1. What is your occupation?
  1. Do you have any health conditions?
  1. If so, are you currently taking any medications for these conditions?
life coaching intake form template

Initial Questionnaire

This questionnaire is the backbone of the form and will shine a light on your client’s life story, your client’s career goals, your client’s current situation and the reasons why your client is in need of a coaching session. 

  1. Please share your personal goals. 
  1. Please share your professional goals. 
  1. Are there any changes you feel you'd like to make in your life at the moment?
  1. Please list the things in your life that upset you at the moment.
  1. Please list the things in your life that make you happy at the moment.
  1. What currently motivates you in life?
  1. How far are you willing to go to achieve your goals?
  1. Please list your professional strengths and assets. 
  1. What would you like to get out of this coaching relationship?
  1. How many sessions would you be interested in having?


This portion will allow your client to let you know of anything else they see fit. 

  1. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
life coach

Why create a life coaching intake form?

Creating a life coach intake form is essential as, no matter how you go about it, you’ll need to take some time out to discover and learn everything you need to know about a new client when you’re onboarding them.

For some, gathering the necessary information is something they’d rather do on an initial kickoff call. Whilst kickoff calls are a really good way to introduce yourself to clients and collect information, there are a few limitations.

The primary issue is that, if the client hasn’t already completed a form before your kickoff call, you’re way more likely to end up spending way too much time on that initial call and going over because you’re improvising on your follow-up questions. 

With a coaching intake form, you can take in any basics you need to know beforehand, allowing you to prepare the vital follow-up questions in advance. This will also mean that you’ll actually have the time to start working on your strategy with the client within the first call!

So, for increasing productivity and, in turn, profitability, creating a life coach intake form to send to your client before your first call is invaluable. As well as saving you bags of time and bettering your client’s experience, it will also ensure that you don’t lose track of your notes and have everything in one place.

Which tool should I use to create my coaching intake form?

For this, you can pretty much choose which way you want to go; there are a lot of options available to you that will allow you to create your questionnaire and send it to your client. However, unfortunately these tools can vary in quality so you might need to do some testing before you decide which tool works for you best. 

There’s no need to search hard for answers and solutions today, as we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out two potential avenues for you to explore and choose between.  

Google Forms  

When it comes to basic forms tools, Google Forms is somewhat of an instant thought for most people. It allows you to add standard question types in order to conduct surveys and gather information from clients.

As expected though, the simplicity of Google forms and similar forms tools means that you’re very likely to come across limitations, particularly with versatility and productivity. This means that you’ll still have to do quite a lot of the labour if you want everything to go smoothly, including chasing clients and sending heaps of emails. Ugh!

As well as this, forcing your client to answer all the questions at once can end up being pretty irritating for them. They might want to take a break and return later which, with this kind of tool, they wouldn’t be able to do.

Content Snare 

Content Snare provides an experience without any restrictions, allowing you to create stunning, well-organised forms with you and the client in mind. 

The lack of learning curve for both yourself and the client means that you can have your first request ready to send off in no time. From there, making use of the simple UI, your client can simply begin providing you with all of the content you asked for at a pace that works for everyone and doesn’t put pressure on either party. 

Your client’s answers are saved automatically without you having to do anything. This means that losing heaps of information just from forgetting to click a button is a problem you’ll never have to face again. In addition, their progress is laid out and tracked for them so they can see what percentage they’re at as they continue to complete the client intake form.

With Content Snare, you can also say au revoir to those awful email trails that are completely unmanageable. The platform will take on that job for you, sending reminder emails to your clients, letting them know of imminent deadlines and any significant events regarding their request. These are also entirely customisable; you can stay in control and have things exactly how you want at the same time as being able to relax. What more could you ask for?

We really hope this post can help make things a little easier when it comes to creating your life coach intake form. 

Are there any other questions you think we should have included? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Get our life coaching intake form template

Content Snare is here to help you successfully onboard your new life coaching clients. Sign up to access our built-in life coaching intake form template. It’s ready when you are.

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