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25 of the best agency websites

best agency websites
By Sara Bussandri, Last Updated December 25, 2023

Do you run a digital or creative agency? If you’re an agency owner and are looking for some inspiration with designing or redesigning your website, check out some of the best agency websites from across the world. 

What makes these design agency websites stand out?

We started our list with a few recommendations from trusted business associates and friends. But it’s easy to see that these agency websites have something in common. They stand out because of the choices these businesses make. And some of their features are bold and unique, but you can also spot a few common traits that make these websites awesome. 

So let’s look at what they are.

Showing personality 

Does your website tell your ideal audience who you are? And what it’s like to work with you? Showing your personality through your website is a great way to encourage your ideal clients to choose you over your competitors. Why? Because your brand personality is unique to you and your business, and it immediately tells your prospective clients whether you’re right for them or not.

Showcasing your best work

Show off those projects that you and your team are super proud of! Always include a portfolio that’s indicative of the type of work you excel at and want to do more of. You’ll see that a lot of the agency websites in this list feature some of their projects on their homepage. And that’s a great idea because you don’t want to make your audience work hard to find out what you can do!

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Making your website easy to navigate

You use the internet, so you know what it’s like. We’re always in a hurry, have zero patience and want the information right now. So make your website simple to navigate and key information easy to find. If your menus are complicated, and your website is cluttered, how can you sell your expertise and creativity? You’ll see a lot of the agency websites in this list go for the simple, clean, and minimalist look instead. It’s the only right choice if you want to get more clients!

Including interactive features

If you’re a creative agency (including digital and design) or a branding agency, use your website to show your prospective clients exactly what you can do. A lot of the websites in this list include engaging video, animation, and other interactive features. If it’s part of your brand - if this is what you can help your clients do - have it on your website! 

Including key information

If you want to ‘get it right’ with your agency website, try to strike the right balance between impressive features and key information. Enticing your users with fab animations and tricks that show off your ideas and originality is a must. But don’t forget to include the details that your ideal clients need in order to work out if you’re the right business for them. In other words, make your message simple but super clear!

Make it mobile-friendly

In modern days, this should be a given. But just so you don’t get caught out, remember to make sure your agency website is user friendly, fully accessible, and responsive. Most people check websites on the go on mobile and tablet devices, so be sure it looks good on a small(er) screen too.  

So, are you ready to see some of the best agency websites we’ve picked out for you? 

In alphabetical order, here they are!

Our top digital and marketing agency websites 

Akins Parker

Check out advertising agency Akins Parker for a website built on impressive and unusual graphics. Words on the page are scarce, and their bold images over bright and solid background colours do the majority of the talking. Plus, you get a real visual scrolling experience!  

best agency websites


When it comes to strong messaging and personality, California-based agency Animal is a great example of how to get it right. At first, you may notice the unique character graphics and animations. But when you read the copy you certainly get a real sense of who they are and what they’re all about. 

creative agency


Beyond is a design and technology agency that builds world-class products for the digital age. They have a simple yet colourful and striking website that lets you know their main focus is design. Also, the eye-catching and colourful geometric shapes on their homepage tell you everything you need to know about the type of work they do.  


Digital innovation agency Bilberry “prototypes, designs and develops custom applications and websites to drive growth for the clients.” Their website is mainly in black and white with bold and clear fonts that deliver a clear and simple message. They don’t use a lot of words on their pages, but the content certainly does its job. They also use reliable agency hosting, so their claims live up to the billing.

agency websites


Berlin-based web design agency Bleech stands out for their branding. They use an explainer video on the homepage to showcase what they do, and their website design is bright, cheerful, and fun. Plus, the variety of friendly colours gives a real sense of modernity. You’ll notice their website is mainly focused on a single page with an extremely minimalist menu. And this choice is quite unique in itself. 

Cemtrex Labs

Another agency with striking website design is Cemtrex Lab. They also use video animations on their homepage to give us a sense of the work they do. They call themselves a creative technology lab and focus on user-centered design, digital engineering, and web and mobile development. It’s why their homepage talks about “revolutionary digital experiences.” And their graphics and videos definitely support that. 

Christopher Doyle & Co. 

‘Minimalist and bold’ sums up the design choices of Sydney-based creative agency Christopher Doyle & Co. They specialise in brand identity, creative direction, and digital design and certainly know how to use their website to stand out. Just take a look at their What we don’t page to get a sense of how they attract the type of clients they want to work with.   


Head over to their website, and Clay tells you exactly who they are - “a UI/UX design and branding agency in San Francisco.” Their website stands out for the clean, minimalist look and the interesting use of animations which explain what they do but also showcase the type of work you can expect from them. 

best agency

Elk Creative

Elk Creative is a boutique graphic design studio in Geelong, Victoria. They sell “creative and exceptional branding, logo design and web design services” through a website with a distinct and unique style, bold and contrasting colours, and great copy. 

Exo Ape

Check out Exo Ape - a “digital design-driven agency that crafts immersive experiences that inspire, affect and delight in a digital-first world.” They’re all about branding and digital innovation, and the minimalist yet elegant website design really makes them stand out. 


For a completely unique experience, head over to international digital agency Fantasy. With branches in New York, San Francisco, and London, they showcase their extensive portfolio and experience with a striking web design. Using engaging video, bold colours (black, white, and red), and a clear menu that explains what they do, they definitely come across as market leaders in their industry. 


Creative agency Flightpath is all about “digital Inventiveness” and “creating real business value.” Their homepage is filled with enticing videos and animations, and the overall design of the website is clear and minimalist. Their creativity seeps through the web pages - check them out.

Head Offfice

Enjoy a splash of colour and a little retro look with the Head Offfice website. It’s designed to look like a (very yellow and very old) version of your desktop. You can drag the icons around the screen and double click to access their services and portfolio of work. They are a small UK-based agency of designers, developers, and writers. They sell in-house digital publications and creative services and have done a brilliant job of creating a unique look for their website. 


Australian-based agency Humaan “turns ideas into extraordinary digital products and experiences”. On their website, they embrace a clear, minimalist, black-and-white look and choose to display information in a way that’s easy to absorb. Check out their About page for a splash of colour and an awesome example of how to add personality to your website.

Joseph Mark

Digital product studio Joseph Mark is known for great work, a fantastic team, and for their big, bold ideas. The striking and minimalist website design speaks for itself. Their mission is to “design, develop and launch digital products that change the way we work, play and connect”. 


Another website that stands out for their branding and choice of colours is digital agency Kota. They specialise in creative web design and development, branding, and digital marketing. Just hover over their logo on the homepage and see what happens.


Johannesburg-based digital marketing agency Launch specialises in helping their clients increase revenue and profit through web design and development, SEO, and PPC advertising amongst other services. On their website, they opt for easy graphics to showcase the key features of each of their services. Their content is on point and easy to consume. 


California-based digital and brand design development agency Loomo does a great job at connecting their visual branding with their story and their copy. They help brands “reach new horizons.” And what better way to show what they do than by using imagery based on astronauts, spaceships, and rockets? Their own branding is fantastic! 

Mad River

Independent creative agency Mad River has been “making things happen since 2001.” Their website design is unique in that it’s intrinsically linked to their brand and story - and so is their copy. We read on their homepage that Mad River is “in touch with the landscapes within which we work, whilst always maintaining a sense of adventure,” and you get a real sense of that throughout. Do check out the beautiful imagery of their website.

Mikmak Studio

Do you love animations? Check out French-based digital communication agency Mikmak Studio. They combine strong, bold background colours with 2D and 3D graphic elements and minimal copy. The result is a stunning website that stands out for all the good reasons. 


Berlin-based agency Mobiteam takes a different approach with the strapline on their homepage. Hover over the colourful words “design”, “development”, “creative”, and “Berlin” and images will appear on your screen. The website is unique and memorable and shows personality. 


Australian-based agency Niika works in design, branding, digital, social, and illustrations. They choose a shade of pink so soothing and yet design so bold that you can’t look away. Using animations and 3D graphics, they feature their best work right on their homepage. Just scroll down and take a look. 


OrangeYouGlad is a New York-based creative agency. They offer strategic branding and marketing design, web and print design, and social media strategy and management. Their website stands out thanks to their varying colourful illustrations, works of art, and patterns. Go and check out all their different looks! 

Pound & Grain

Vancouver-based Pound & Grain use the straplines “Original. Fearless. Independent,” and their website design communicates exactly that through the choice of images, fonts, and bold colours. Black, white, and red seem firm favourites for a lot of creative agencies, but Pound & Grain really use the whole experience to communicate a sense of excitement and action.


And last but certainly not least, another agency that stands out from the crowd is Weberous. When you land on their homepage, click on the W to see what they’re all about. The design choices they make on their website show they really know what they’re doing when it comes to branding, web design, and marketing. And they do so with personality to spare - “We crack codes like dad jokes. Only no one begs us to stop coding.” Brilliant.

Do you run a graphic design or digital agency? 

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