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Business coaching intake form: 22 must-ask questions

business coaching intake form
By Marina Lovejoy-Black, Last Updated September 18, 2023

Despite there being hundreds of millions of businesses across the globe today, each and every business remains largely individual. The elements hindering the growth of one business may be the elements propelling another - they truly are unique.

This is why, as a business coach, identifying the client’s needs and being able to offer insight in the form of a coaching session specifically tailored to them is vital if they want to see success in the management of their business.

A business coaching intake form gives you the opportunity to retrieve all the information you need from your client to focus on moulding and putting together the perfect sessions for them. 

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business coaching intake form

What questions should I include in a business coaching intake form? 

The aim of your business coaching intake form should really be to collect the fundamentals above all, meaning that it’s best to keep things concise. 

In order to do so, we’ve come up with a list of the right questions to include and compiled them into one handy form. That way, you can get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

Basic Information

This first section will allow you to secure some basic pieces of personal information about the new client before the coaching process begins.

  1. Please provide your full name. 
  1. What is your date of birth? 
  1. What is your marital status?
  1. Please provide your primary contact number. 
  1. Please provide your primary email address.
  1. Please provide your full home address or company address.
business coaching

Basic Company Details 

These three short questions will give you the opportunity to learn more about the client’s company, what the company offers and their role within the business. 

  1. What is the name of the company?
  1. Please provide a brief description of what product(s)/service(s) your company offers.
  1. What is your occupation?

Business Questionnaire

The following questions constitute the main portion of the form, allowing you to discover more about the business goals, successes, obstacles and future. 

  1. Please describe your ideal client in a few sentences. 
  1. What is your business' mission statement?
  1. In a few sentences, please tell us your favourite elements of your business. 
  1. What motivated you to start your business?
  1. Is there anything you've learned along the way so far?
  1. What's been your biggest win so far for the business?
  1. What are the biggest obstacles you're currently facing within the business?
  1. Where do you see your business in 6 months time?
  1. Where do you see your business in 12 months time?
  1. What are the main differences between you and your competitors?
  1. What is your approach to lead generation?
  1. What is your approach/strategy marketing-wise?
  1. Please provide details regarding the software or applications you're using to monitor and manage data and sales?
business coaching intake form template

Why create a business coaching intake form?

Working in the business coaching industry, in order to be able to provide your clients with the aid, insight and solutions they require, you need to be completely in the loop as to their situation and how they envision the future and development of their business. For this, your business coaching intake form is crucial and what your clients can tell you is valuable information. 

Your form also has the ability to make your client:

  • Reflect on things they might otherwise neglect unintentionally 
  • Solidify their own ideas and thoughts
  • Feel at ease with your expertise, strengthening your relationship with them
  • Develop their answers and provide comprehensive feedback

How can Content Snare help me with my business coaching intake form?

Content Snare is an intuitive, auto-saving forms tool made to help you collect information in the best way possible. The practicality and versatility of the platform combine to give you the best experience when creating your questionnaires and forms.

There are multiple ways in which Content Snare can make everything run much more smoothly and we’ve been able to identify and list a few of those below. 

Built-in templates

Doing it on your own isn’t always necessary with an extensive template gallery to choose from to help you get the most out of your time. You can modify templates as much as you like to suit your needs, add and take away questions and personalise the wording and writing style to your taste. 

Templates give you a great head start and alleviate a lot of the burden, especially if the questionnaire you’re looking to create is pretty lengthy.

Straightforward sending 

Sending a questionnaire manually enclosed within an email is often awkward and quite tiresome. 

With Content Snare, your questionnaire is sent directly to the client in the form of a link within their invitation email. As soon as your request is published, you can sit back and relax as there’s nothing more for you to do! You can also double up on the security of your client’s questionnaire and the information they’ve provided by requiring an access pin code or for the client to create an account and log in.

No matter what happens, your clients will always receive their questionnaires quickly, efficiently and securely.

Automatic reminders

Have you ever had your consulting sessions delayed because you’re missing information from a client? We’ve also experienced the misery of having to put a project on hold for this reason so we know it’s a pain in the a**.

Following a schedule, Content Snare sends your clients staggered email reminders throughout the process, ensuring clients are always aware of imminent deadlines and everything remains on schedule. These email reminders are also customizable, allowing you to remain on brand at all times.

An effortless experience

Content Snare’s UI is easy to understand and can be used by even the least tech-savvy individuals. You don’t need any IT skills at all to use the website.

For you, the clever builder allows you to choose from different kinds of field types, enforce constraints and even provide instructions to ensure you only get the correct information back. 

For your client, it’s easy to tell the difference between the question they’ve already answered and what’s still left to fill out. Only one question at a time appears on the screen, keeping everything organised. The overall appearance of the questionnaire is also a lot less daunting this way, as clients and leads are often put off by questionnaires that look as if they’re going to take an eternity to complete.

An all-in-one space

You’ll forget where you stored a piece of information or questionnaire again as, with Content Snare, everything is kept in one place and finding what you're looking for is a breeze. 

You can export as much information as you like and simultaneously preserve it on the platform for later use.  

We hope this post has been valuable in helping you with your next business coaching intake form. 

Are there any extra nuggets of information you’d add? Let us know in the comments below!

Get our business coaching intake form template 

Content Snare is here to help you successfully onboard your new business coaching clients. Sign up to access our built-in business coaching intake form template. It’s ready when you are.

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