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45 great gifts for a CPA

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By Drazen Vujovic. Last Updated June 17, 2024

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are the unsung heroes of the business world. They keep companies afloat, prevent financial disasters, and generally make sure everything runs smoothly.

But let’s be honest, their jobs can get a bit mundane. So how about surprising your accountant with a nice present? With our CPA gift ideas, you can inject a little bit of fun (and maybe even some humor) into their day-to-day routine.

Check out our list to find a perfect gift idea for your CPA. 

Table of contents:

  • 15 conventional CPA gift ideas
  • 15 funny CPA gift ideas
  • 15 tax season CPA gift ideas

15 conventional CPA gift ideas

There are so many ways to surprise your favorite accountant, but we’ll start with 15 conventional CPA gift ideas.

spa day

1. A spa day pass

The spa environment promotes stress relief, which is ideal after a busy week. In addition, a spa day encourages your accountant to indulge in self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

2. Personalized leather portfolio

A personalized leather portfolio is a practical and stylish accessory. Leather is a durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, while the personalization adds a thoughtful touch and makes the gift more meaningful.

3. A gift certificate for wine tasting

How about giving your CPA a relaxing experience outside of their work routine? Wine tasting is a fun social activity, which can help them unwind and build relationships with colleagues or friends. 

4. A gift card to a local restaurant 

If there’s a restaurant your CPA really likes, it’s a good idea to get them a gift card to that place. It’s a venue they have been to before, so they can enjoy a meal in a place they already know and love.

5. "Keep Calm and File On" poster or wall art

The "Keep Calm and File On" poster or wall art can be a fun and quirky gift idea for an accountant who has a good sense of humor and enjoys decorating their workspace. 

6. Stress ball in the shape of a calculator or a dollar sign

Now this is a playful way to help accountants manage stress and anxiety. A personalized stress ball which also ties into their work, makes it a great gift idea.

7. A set of gourmet coffee blends 

You can purchase a set of gourmet coffee blends to help your CPA stay alert and focused. In addition, this is a luxury item that most accountants wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.

8. “Credits and Debits” board game

“Credits and Debits” is a fun game that relates directly to your CPA’s work. It’s fairly simple, which means that the special accountant in your life can play it with their kids and explain what they actually do for a living.

9. A framed picture of the accountant's favorite number

Many accountants have a fondness for numbers, so this gift can be a meaningful way to recognize their passion. It shows that you are thoughtful and pay attention to their interests and preferences. 

10. Accounting-themed socks

Two things make this present a winner. Firstly, socks can feature accounting-related graphics or puns that add a touch of humor to work attire. Secondly, socks are a practical item that everyone needs.

11. An accounting book

Most CPAs are passionate learners. You can buy them a new accounting book because it’s an easy way for a CPA to learn and improve their skills. 

12. A gift certificate for a cooking class

Cooking classes aren’t just interesting but also creative and inspirational. Besides that, cooking is a practical skill that everyone (not just accountants) can apply in everyday life.

13. An ergonomic desk chair

An ergonomic desk chair is definitely one of the best gifts for accountants because it promotes good posture and comfort during long hours sitting at a desk. It provides proper support and alignment for the body, so your favorite CPA can work more efficiently.

14. A new set of noise-canceling headphones 

Accountants often work in open offices or shared workspaces, where there may be a lot of distractions that hinder productivity. Noise-canceling headphones will help them focus better while working in a distracting environment. 

15. Annual Content Snare subscription

If your accountant is constantly complaining about data gathering, why not make their life easier with a Content Snare subscription? That way, they can streamline client relationships and save a lot of time by eliminating repetitive daily tasks. 

15 Funny CPA gift ideas

Now that you’ve seen the best conventional gifts for a CPA, it’s time to give you some humorous options as well. Let’s take a look:

tea cup

16. "The World's Okayest CPA" tea cup

We have to admit — this is our favorite idea for a CPA gift. It’s easy to make or buy and is very affordable. Plus, the tea cup perfectly fits the accountant’s office desk. And if your CPA prefers coffee, you can always get a coffee mug instead. 

17. "Retirement Fund" piggy bank

A "Retirement Fund" piggy bank pokes fun at the stereotype that accountants are frugal and money-savvy. The piggy bank itself is a lighthearted reminder of the importance of saving for retirement, which is something that many people, including accountants, can relate to.

18. "I can't account for my behavior" T-shirt

This gift creates a humorous play on words that is likely to resonate with an accountant's sense of humor. 

19. "I'm a CPA, not a magician" hat

This gift humorously acknowledges the common misconception that accountants can magically solve financial problems or create money out of thin air.

20. "Sarcasm is my Love Language" mousepad

CPAs deal with numbers and calculations, so they often have a reputation for being serious or reserved. This mousepad playfully subverts that expectation and celebrates the funny side of accounting.

21. "Don't talk to me until I've balanced my books" poster

Accountants must be meticulous and detail-oriented in their work, so it’s fair to say that they hate interruptions. This gift playfully acknowledges the need for quiet and uninterrupted concentration.

22. A calculator with a "sarcasm" button

How about adding that much-needed humorous touch to the CPA’s essential business tool? Accountants spend long hours crunching numbers, but the addition of a "sarcasm" button can provide a welcome moment of levity and humor.

23. A novelty tie with a pattern of dollar signs

If you’re into lighthearted humor, give your CPA this tie. The design is both fun and functional because the tie can serve as a conversation starter or icebreaker in professional or social settings.

24. A "Balance Sheet Yoga" mat

Don’t let your CPA forget about accounting even when exercising! 

25. A book of accounting jokes and puns

This one celebrates the unique quirks and nuances of the accounting profession. Accounting jokes and puns are also practical for your CPA’s daily communication with friends and colleagues.

26. A list of accounting pick up lines

Accounting pick up lines really exist? It’s actually a great gift because it uses accounting terms and concepts with a twist. It can help your CPA stand out and prove that they have a sense of humor (contrary to popular belief). 

27. "Numbers Never Lie" hoodie

The hoodie is a practical and comfortable piece of clothing. Accountants can wear it in a casual setting while still showing off their professional pride.

28. "Money Is My Second Language" wall clock

A wall clock is another accountant gift that perfectly suits the office. If your CPA appreciates a good dose of humor, it will make a great gift.

29. "What happens in the Accounting Department, stays in the Accounting Department" coffee mug

You can put almost anything on coffee mugs to make them more interesting, and this saying is just one of our suggestions. 

30. "Counting Sheep" sleep mask

Perhaps you’d like to acknowledge the long hours and hard work that the accountant puts into their job? In this case, you can buy them a counting sheep sleep mask (pun intended).

15 tax season CPA gift ideas

Tax season is when accountants transform from mild-mannered bean counters into superheroes, armed with calculators and spreadsheets. And they deserve a reward for it! 

Here are 15 ways to surprise them.


31. A fitness tracker or smartwatch

The first tax season gift should encourage your CPA to take breaks and move around more throughout the day. But that’s not the only benefit — a smartwatch can also keep track of appointments and deadlines during tax season.

32. "Tax Season Survivor" T-shirt

Ok, you get this one already. The “Tax Season Survivor” shirt is a nice reminder of the challenges CPAs face and overcome at this time of year. What’s more, it boosts morale and creates a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. 

33. A coffee mug with "Tax Season MVP" printed on it

Coffee mugs are too practical not to mention them again. This one’s a cool example of how you can remind accountants of their accomplishments during tax season.

34. "Tax Slayer" phone case

A phone case is another practical gift for a CPA, especially if you add a “Tax Slayer” motto to it. 

35. A gift card for a massage 

How about helping your CPA reduce stress and alleviate physical tension in the body? Every accountant could use a massage during and after the tax season. 

36. An office plaque that says "Tax Expert at Work"

The office plaque is a creative way to decorate an office and add a personal touch to the workspace. Besides that, some accountants may see it as a source of motivation and pride.

37. A desk organizer with a tax-themed design

Speaking of office decoration, a tailored desk organizer is another way to make an accountant’s desk more appealing. 

38. "Tax Evasion Survival Kit" with fake passports, offshore account forms, etc.

Tax evasion is a serious issue, but you can add a delicate touch of humor to it with a survival kit containing fake passports, offshore account forms, and even some cash.

39. “Tax Evasion” board game

Another “Tax Evasion” idea is a comic relief that will suit accountants well in the tax season.

40. A tax season survival kit 

A survival kit with snacks and other goodies is a useful present for CPAs during this busy time. It provides some much-needed sustenance and a break from the long hours spent crunching numbers. 

41. Mindfulness app subscription

You can also remind your favorite CPA to destress amidst the long hours of work. A mindfulness app subscription will help accountants focus and stay calm during high-pressure situations.

42. Financial news or accounting magazine subscription 

This gift is best given post-tax season. It has a distinct advantage — it keeps on giving throughout the year.

43. A cozy blanket 

Some accountants are so busy that they take a rest in the office. In this case, they could use a cozy blanket to take a quick nap and recharge.

44. A subscription to a healthy meal delivery service

Keeping a healthy diet is critical for your accountant’s well-being. This kind of subscription will save them time and energy by taking care of meal planning and preparation, allowing them to concentrate on their work.

45. A bottle of their favorite wine

Finally, we recommend giving your CPA a bottle of their favorite wine. It’s a celebratory gesture to acknowledge their hard work and dedication throughout the tax season.

Impress your CPA with the best gifts

If you have a CPA in your life who deserves a little appreciation, don't hesitate to surprise them with one of these gifts. Whichever one you choose, make sure it's one that will bring a smile to your accountant's face.

And if all else fails, just remember: when in doubt, give them a calculator. That's one gift they'll always be able to use.


Drazen Vujovic

Dražen Vujović is a journalist and content writer. More importantly, he is a father of two and a long-distance runner.