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20 client gift ideas they will actually like

client gift ideas
By Drazen Vujovic. Last Updated June 17, 2024

Are you tired of giving your clients the same old boring gifts? You know, the ones that end up collecting dust in their office or worse, getting re-gifted to their great aunt Edna?

We’re here to save the day (and your client relationships) with 20 gift ideas that they will actually like. We’re talking about cool and practical client gifts that will make them say: "Wow, this company really knows me."

Let’s take a look at our top picks.

1. Laptop bag

A branded laptop bag is the first client gift idea on our list. It’s a practical corporate gift that your client will likely use every day. However, keep in mind that it’s all about the other business and their own brand. That’s why we suggest adding their branding on the bag rather than promoting your company. 

2. Wheeled duffel bag

A wheeled duffel bag not only makes a great travel companion but also shows off your client’s logo and style. It’s one of the finest gifts for CPAs and other business professionals who travel a lot. 

But there’s an extra benefit — duffel bags are versatile. People can use them for weekend getaways, gym sessions, or even as a mobile office. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck!

3. A branded umbrella

Number three is one of the classical corporate gifts, especially if your clients work and live in rainy areas. Branded umbrellas are a perfect gift for business clients who commute and often attend outdoor events. This means your present will help them reach a wider audience and perhaps even earn them some clients. 

4. Engraved Yeti drinkware

Yeti is a well-known brand that's synonymous with quality. By engraving your client's logo or personalized message onto the drinkware, you're providing them with a practical item that's also a subtle form of advertising. In addition, Yeti drinkware is durable and will last a long time. 

5. Espresso machine

This client gift idea requires little explaining if you ask us. After all, a cup of espresso can transform even the sleepiest of workers into productive machines — a highly convenient present for accounting busy seasons. Espresso machines are also customizable, so you can add the client’s logo to it. 

6. A personalized camp cup

Personalized gifts like a camp cup are practical items that your clients will really use. Camp cups are fun and trendy items that fit right in with the current camping and outdoor lifestyle craze. So, why settle for a boring pen or wallet when you can give a corporate gift that's both functional and memorable?

7. Branded cooler bag

Speaking of picnics and outdoor events, we can’t help but mention branded cooler bags. With plenty of space for drinks and snacks, it's something your client will use time and time again. If you know that your clients like outdoor activities, a branded cooler bag will make a thoughtful gift. 

8. Charging dock station

If you’re more in the tech gift-giving mood, have you considered a charging dock station? This gift will make your clients’ lives easier (and less cluttered). With multiple ports and fast charging capabilities, it's a business gift that'll keep everyone in the office powered up and connected. 

9. Swiss army knife

A Swiss army knife is an evergreen item that proudly stands the test of time. You know what makes it so good — it comes in handy in so many situations, from opening bottles to fixing loose screws. And with the company logo engraved on the knife, your client will be glad to take it out of their pockets.

10. A business suitcase

A business suitcase is not just a container to transport stuff, but rather a symbol of professionalism and organization. In other words, it’s one of the best corporate gift ideas. A branded business suitcase is a practical and tailored gift that will remind your client of your firm relationship every time they use it.

11. Wooden engraved coasters

Who doesn't need coasters to protect their desks from unsightly water rings? Many consider wooden coasters to be a perfect gift because they’re durable, so they’ll keep reminding your clients of you for a long time. The fact that they're engraved adds a personal touch — you can put the client’s logo, a message of thanks, or even a nice accounting joke on them.

12. Gourmet food basket

Everyone loves food — it's a universally appreciated gift. A gourmet basket is a bit of a luxury item, which shows your clients that you really value their business. Besides that, you can add a personalized message inside to strengthen client relationships even further. 

13. Bento box

Another interesting client gift idea on our list is a bento box, a thoughtful present that shows you put some effort into selecting it. This item promotes healthy eating — your clients will probably appreciate the gesture and the opportunity to eat a balanced meal on the go. Plus, it's a chance to showcase your own healthy lifestyle and personal values.

14. Engraved glass decanter

Glass decanters are timeless and classic, so they'll never go out of style. Your clients will use a decanter to serve their favorite spirits or wines, and it will remind them of your company whenever they pour a drink. 

15. Personalized cocktail shaker

A personalized cocktail shaker is a memorable gift that will likely strengthen your business relationships. After all, it’s a nice way to encourage your clients to unwind and have some fun after a long day at work. What’s best, they can display it in their home or office bar, giving the brand extra exposure.

16. Branded keychains

How about giving your client a subtle yet effective way to promote their brand? You can do it with a branded keychain. Keychains are affordable and easy to customize, which means you can order them in bulk and distribute them as a corporate gift.

17. Books

Call us traditionalists, but we think a book is one of the most thoughtful client gifts. It's like giving them a mini vacation without the need for sunscreen. It's a subtle way of saying "Hey, maybe you should take a break from work and read for a bit." So pick a good one, wrap it up, and let the page-turning commence.

18. Customized leather-bound notebook

You can also build a strong client-agency relationship with a customized leather-bound notebook. It’s a practical item that will help your clients jot down ideas. In addition, notebooks are lightweight and easy to carry around, so they will give your client’s company additional brand exposure.

19. Branded reusable tote bag

A branded tote bag is practically a mobile billboard. This gift is about free promotion, but you'll still be doing your part for the environment. Besides that, tote bags are incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from grocery shopping to beach trips. 

20. Bluetooth speaker

Don’t know about you, but music makes our business days much better. And it probably does the same thing for your clients, as studies show that 90% of workers perform better when listening to music. 

That's why a Bluetooth speaker makes one of the best corporate gifts for your clients. Not only will it improve their work environment, but it will also keep your brand top of mind whenever they use it. 

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