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The best Karbon client portal alternative

karbon client portal alternative
By Drazen Vujovic. Last Updated February 2, 2024

Seasoned accounting professionals understand the power of Karbon. As one of the finest practice management tools, Karbon helps accountants with everything from team collaboration and project management to business analytics.

But what about client management?

This software can help you with that, too, but many companies are on the lookout for a Karbon client portal alternative. It’s not that Karbon is bad, it’s just that other tools make getting information from clients somewhat simpler.

If you are after a different client management system, read on to learn about Content Snare and what makes it the best Karbon alternative.

Why would you search for an alternative? 

Karbon is a very popular project management tool in the accounting industry, mainly because it contains a whole range of practical functions like workflow automation and email management. The tool gives you a secure and efficient way to simplify practice management.

That means you don’t really have to look for alternatives. What you can do, however, is augment Karbon by pairing it with a dedicated client portal.

Karbon has its own client management portal that you can use to automate client data collection. But there’s still some email back-and-forth included in the process, which is not great for digital process automation.

We also read lots of user reviews on platforms like G2 and Capterra that identified common pain points. While Karbon has excellent overall scores (4.8 and 4.7 on G2 and Capterra, respectively), many clients complain about some of the key features of this data collection system:

  • It has a pretty steep and long learning curve
  • Karbon’s search options are a bit clunky and hard to navigate, even if you use the right keywords 
  • When you request information from one person, you can’t add other users to the same request
  • Some clients find it difficult to tailor content or create custom checklist templates

And here’s a screenshot that describes Karbon as a workflow management tool:

Source: G2

All things considered, it’s worth adding a dedicated information request tool to Karbon because it will help you improve client communication and streamline complex business processes.

What makes Content Snare the best client portal alternative? 

When it comes to client management, you can find more than one cloud-based solution that successfully manages client requests. However, many companies in the tax and accounting industry already learned that Content Snare is the best client portal for supplementing a practice management tool like Karbon. Here’s why:

  1. A simple request builder

Accounting firms can create requests with Content Snare using a highly intuitive request builder. It’s a drag-and-drop tool that enables you to design eye-pleasing requests and sort questions based on your priorities. You can ask for different types of inputs:

  • Text-based answers
  • Images
  • Files and documents
  • Invite clients to fill in tables

The best thing is that you can clearly specify input criteria like word count or file size. That way, your clients can hardly make a mistake when filling out your bookkeeping intake form or any other type of questionnaire. 

  1. Automated reminders

Let’s be honest — most clients won’t answer your requests right away. More often than not, you’ll need to send reminders in order to collect the necessary information. Content Snare allows you to automate routine tasks like this one. 

Automated reminders are one of the key features of Content Snare. They gently nudge your clients to provide the information you need, which is vital for an accounting firm’s workflow. You can use our predefined settings or customize schedules and messages. 

  1. Track progress from a centralized dashboard

A great thing about Content Snare is that it gives you a complete overview of all requests within a single centralized dashboard. You can see the status and progress of each request at a glance. No more annoying emails, no third-party communication apps, nothing. 

  1. Intuitive organization

Remember how users complained about navigation in Karbon? That’s not an issue with Content Snare because our tool simplifies navigation with instant search. You are free to create new folders based on your specific criteria like project types or dates. 

You can also search for specific clients or team members. All those search functions streamline task management and make the overall navigation a lot simpler. 

  1. Approving or rejecting client inputs

Another great detail about Content Snare is that it lets you approve or reject client inputs. If your clients don’t provide the right information, there’s no need to send them emails. On the contrary, you can reject their input and ask for revisions. 

Even better, you can add comments within client requests to further clarify your needs. Clients can also post questions when they get stuck, so you can provide further guidance whenever needed. 

  1. Superior security measures

Accounting firms also appreciate the fact that Content Snare is a very secure client portal. Our system relies on the latest cybersecurity standards to protect your business and your clients. Here’s why managing client documents is so safe when you use Content Snare:

  • The system encrypts all data in transit
  • You can enable two-factor authentication for all users if necessary
  • All database-related activities require authentication
  • Advanced password management
  • Additional security features include accessibility, throttling, firewalls, login alerts, and data backups
  1. Quick data exports

Last but not least, Content Snare enables accounting firms to export data into third-party tools they’re already using. You can download content requests as individual data packages containing all documents and answers coming from your clients. 

Thanks to our Zapier integration, Content Snare makes it easy to transfer data to more than three thousand tools and apps. That includes practice management systems, but also project management tools, CRM platforms, and many more.  

Streamline data gathering with a dedicated client portal

Content Snare turns data collection into an effortless and semi-automated process. Even if you use a practice management tool like Karbon, you can improve its document management capacity with our platform.

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