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How to create a property management questionnaire (free template included)

property management questionnaire
By Drazen Vujovic. Reviewed by: James Rose. Last Updated April 3, 2024

Property management is more than just overseeing physical spaces — it’s a complex job that requires a delicate balance between owners and tenants. As a property management company, you must obtain as many details as possible upfront to prepare for your next client and their unique demands.

That’s why creating a well-planned property management questionnaire is so important. In this post, we’ll explain how to create a comprehensive questionnaire and give you a free template to use in your work.

Let’s take a look!

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What is a property management questionnaire?

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A property management questionnaire is a formal set of questions designed to gather information from property owners, tenants, or stakeholders. It helps you assess and control various aspects of a property. Property management companies, landlords, and real estate professionals often rely on these forms to collect relevant data from their clients.

40+ questions to include in your property management form template

Basic client information

1. What is your full name?

2. What is the full legal name of your company (if applicable)?

3. Phone number

4. Email address

5. What types of properties are in your portfolio (e.g. residential, commercial, mixed-use)?

6. How many rental units do you currently own?

7. Please provide an overview of the properties requiring property management services.

8. How do you currently manage your properties (another agency or independently)?

9. What are the reasons for changing an agency (optional)?

Lease management questions

10. What type of tenants are you looking to attract for your properties?

11. What criteria would you like us to use when screening potential tenants for your properties?

12. Are there specific lease terms or conditions you typically prefer for your properties? If yes, please specify.

13. Have you experienced challenges with extended vacancy periods in the past?

14. Please specify your requirements regarding rent collection methods and frequency.

15. How do you currently manage lease renewals?

16. How often would you like to receive updates on the status of your leased properties?

Utilities and services

property inspections

17. Which utilities are included in the rental cost (e.g. water, electricity, gas, trash removal)?

18. How are utility bills managed and distributed among tenants?

19. How is trash disposal managed on the property?

20. Are there recycling facilities available?

21. Please specify what materials are accepted.

22. Is parking included in the rental agreement?

23. How many spaces are allotted per unit?

24. What amenities are available on the property (e.g. pool, gym, clubhouse)?

25. Are there any additional rules associated with using these amenities? If yes, please specify.

Tenant relations

26. Can you describe the steps involved in onboarding new tenants?

27. Would you like to establish a designated point of contact for tenant inquiries or concerns?

28. Do you have a system in place for collecting feedback from tenants? If yes, please specify.

29. What measures are in place to protect tenant information and maintain a secure living environment?

30. How do you handle tenant disputes and conflicts?

Property maintenance questions

31. What is your budget for property maintenance?

32. How frequently do you conduct inspections for preventive maintenance?

33. What channels do you use to communicate with tenants regarding scheduled maintenance?

34. Are there specific green or sustainable practices you incorporate into property maintenance? If yes, please specify.

35. What is the typical response time for emergency maintenance requests?

36. How are maintenance activities documented?

37. What records are kept for compliance and audit purposes?

Questions about marketing rental property

advertising properties

38. What is the marketing budget for the promotion of your rental units?

39. Are there specific channels or platforms you prioritize for property advertising? If yes, please specify.

40. How do you optimize property listings to attract a larger audience?

41. How do you create marketing-related content?

Property insurance

42. Can you provide details about the current insurance coverage for your properties?

43. How often do you review and update insurance policies for properties under your management?

44. Can you describe the process for handling insurance claims in the event of property damage or liability issues?

45. Do you have policies in place regarding tenant insurance requirements? If yes, please specify.

Benefits of creating a questionnaire for property management companies

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A well-designed questionnaire is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a property manager or firm. Firstly, it helps you approach each client in a standardized manner instead of improvising from one project to another. Apart from that, commercial and residential property managers can expect these advantages:

  • Ensuring client satisfaction through carefully tailored services
  • Optimizing property management resources
  • Identifying potential risks in advance
  • Making data-based business decision
  • Improving client relationships by minimizing misunderstandings
  • Ensuring compliance with local/national laws
  • Spending less time on administrative procedures

Tailor your property management questionnaire with Content Snare

create a property management questionnaire with Content Snare

Content Snare is a simple but extremely efficient information-gathering tool. It not only offers a ready-made property management form template but also gives you a whole range of solutions to customize the questionnaire.

You can edit, remove, or add fields to include questions specific to your property management company. These features will also help you tailor the questionnaire:

  • 20+ different field types
  • Conditional logic
  • Custom placeholders 
  • Text length limits (min and max)
  • Multimedia file uploads

Another option is to add instructions for each question so your clients can provide accurate answers. The best part is that you won’t have to write reminder emails — Content Snare will gently nudge your clients automatically based on your predefined reminder schedule. That way, property managers are guaranteed to collect responses on time.

Customize your property management questionnaire

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