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5 practical mobile apps for real estate agents on the go

apps for real estate agents
By Sylva Sivz, BComm. Reviewed by: James Rose. Last Updated June 17, 2024

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to survive in the estate business was take care of property listing viewings and handling negotiations? The reality is that your to-do list as a real estate agent is never-ending and full of repetitive administrative tasks. 

You might be reaching the end of your workdays feeling like you missed the opportunity to concentrate on the crucial tasks that can help sell your listings.

Because we’re obsessed with productivity and automation, we’ve put together a list of some of the handiest mobile apps for real estate agents. Read on to explore how adding these to your tech stack can help you save plenty of time every week. 

Best apps for real estate agents

5 apps real estate professionals can use to work smarter 

1. For time tracking: Clockify 

Clockify app for real estate agents

Speaking of where all your time goes, let’s start with Clockify. It’s a time-tracking app you can use to see where every minute of your day goes. It’s a flexible tool that can be used by any professional or even personally, but it makes for one of the best apps for real estate professionals looking to get more insight into where all their time goes. 

Clockify app dashboard

Clockify comes in a desktop and mobile app version. Just flick the timer on whenever you’re working on something, and it’ll keep track of every minute spent. How you want to set up your projects for time tracking is totally up to you. For example, you might want to set up your projects into these categories:

  • Client relationship management
  • Social media marketing / social media management 
  • Document preparation
  • Client communication/client meetings 
  • Commuting to open houses/showings
  • Hosting open houses/showings
  • Negotiations
  • Lead generation efforts 
  • Preparing marketing materials 

Once Clockify collects your data, it’ll present you with plenty of colorful charts and resorts to give you insight into how you spend your time. You can view your time by day, week, locations, earnings and more. The free version should give you everything you need to start understanding where your time goes, but you can always upgrade to get additional features. 

Clockify reports

2. For receipt management: NEAT

Neat app for real estate agents

If you’re still manually adding up how much you spend on things like gas, client entertainment, and other expenses in an Excel sheet, it’s time to get with the times! 

NEAT is a document management app that helps you capture and upload receipt data to help you save time on data entry and consolidate all your expenses in one dashboard. All you have to do is snap photos of your paper receipts using the mobile app. NEAT will extract information like date, amount, and payment method from these paper receipts so that it’ll be much easier to add things up when you need to.  

Using the app makes end-of-the-month expense tracking or end-of-year tax filing so easy, eliminating the countless hours you’d spend trying to find your receipts. 

3. For separating your expenses and mileage - Everlance

Everlance app for real estate agents

Everlance is another app that can help you track and sort your expenses as a real estate agent. 

It helps you track your mileage, driving time, and trips around town either as work expenses or personal expenses. The app connects to your credit card or bank account and is very easy to use with a swipe feature you can swipe to separate your expenses into custom categories.

Using Everlance means you don’t have to spend the end of your weeks, months, or years figuring out how much of your vehicle usage and expenses were made on the job to attend open houses and how much was personal use. 

Everlance’s reviews are also extremely positive. Here’s what a couple of users had to say:

Everlance review real estate

4. For open house lead capture: Spacio

Spacio app for real estate agents

Spacio is a CRM real estate tool that helps you capture leads, market your listings, and communicate with new contacts. While it comes with multiple powerful capabilities real estate agents swear by, it’s praised as a helpful lead generation app for use at open houses so that no opportunities slip through the cracks.

If you ask visitors to sign in on paper when they attend your open houses, you might have to run into countless situations where you weren’t able to read illegible handwriting. If this has ever been the case, you’ll find Spacio to be a game changer. 

Spacio lets you set up customizable and branded lead capture forms you can get open house visitors to complete on web, mobile, or tablet. From there, you can even verify contact information, mark contacts for follow-ups, and set up automations to re-market new listings to interested contacts.

Want to explore additional CRM tools for real estate? We cover more top tools for realtors in our blog Top 5 time-saving tools for real estate agents in 2024.

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5. For video: BombBomb 

BombBomb app for real estate agents

BombBomb is a real estate app you can use for a number of different tasks.

It’s a useful app for creating video messages you can use to build your brand. For example, you can create videos to introduce yourself, share trends and tips, or inform clients of new listings. Including such videos in our emails and social media platforms can help improve engagement. Once you’ve created your videos, BombBomb also helps you set up automated email series through the platform.

A second way you can use BomBomb for your real estate business is for client communication. If you’re working with first-time home buyers for example, it might be a good idea to steer clear of writing them length emails that leave too much room for confusion or overwhelming them with information. You can instead use BomBomb to send them video messages that are much more personable and easy to digest. 

Last but not least,the BombBomb app comes with a screen record feature so you can record something like a contract on your screen while you simultaneously use the voice features to explain what the clauses mean. 

BombBomb app review real estate

Looking for more tools to streamline your real estate business?

We dedicated this post to some of the best mobile apps for real estate agents, but there are many more real estate tools you can benefit from that come in web form. We covered 5 more of these tools in our post Top 5 time-saving tools for real estate agents in 2024. Give that one a read if you’re looking for all-in-one tools, data collection tools, and other types of software for real estate professionals. 

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