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There aren’t many mediums that help you learn and stay on the cutting edge of marketing and design trends while you are doing some other random task. Podcast can take time that is normally “wasted” doing something menial and turn it into learning.

My favourite times to listen are while driving, walking the dog, housework or cooking.

But this post isn’t about trying to convince you why podcasts are awesome. It’s to show you some podcasts you can listen to to help you grow your digital agency. So let’s get into it.

There is one thing that’s important to note. Just because you’re subscribed to a podcast, it doesn’t mean you have to listen to all of the episodes. Some of the podcasts below cover a range of topics. If you see an episode about drop shipping or something you don’t care about, just don’t listen. Easy.  

Agency Highway

Of course, Agency Highway is our podcast. It came about from being told for years that people wanted to hear from us via a podcast. The only question we ask before deciding on a topic or guest is: “Will this help agencies earn more, work less or is otherwise incredibly helpful.”

Episodes are a mix of quick wins, interviews with people who are doing amazing things, tools, tips and resources that will help you grow your agency and build the life that you want.

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The Digital Agency Show

This podcast is run by the guys at UGURUS. It focusses on web professionals to help them increase prices, work smarter, and grow profits. This podcast has been on my rotation for a long time.

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Agency Trailblazer

Agency Trailblazer is run by the nicest guy in agency life. Lee Jackson is on a mission to help design & web agencies fall in love with their business again.

The podcast is about exploring ways to improve & grow your business and get back your time. Episodes are a mix of experts and interviews with agency owners. 

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Marketing School

What I love the most about this podcast are the tiny, bite-size episodes. Each episode is one little thing you can do in your marketing and is pretty much always under 10 minutes. You’ll almost definitely have heard of the hosts – Niel Patel and Eric Siu.

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Smart Agency Masterclass

This one is run by Jason Swenk, one of the biggest names in digital agency coaching. It’s all about growing faster. Jason interviews a new guest each week to deliver info that can help you do just that.

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Super Fast Business

This one isn’t agency focused, but I think it’s important to have a mix of podcasts across topics that can help you grow as a business and a person.

James Schramko’s podcast is exactly that. Over the years I’ve learned about viral marketing and growth hacking to podcasting to health topics like DNA testing. This is one of the few podcasts I listen to every episode of.

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Bacon Wrapped Business

Another non-agency podcast, but Brad Costanzo covers plenty of topics that are straight-up amazing for digital agencies. For example, the John Ruhlin episode (author of Giftology) explains how gifting can make a huge difference to your business. I’m a massive fan of gifting and this episode was amazing.

There are a lot of high profile guests on this Bacon Wrapped Business, and I’ve probably discovered more impactful books (where the author was on the show) from this podcast than any other.

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Build a Better Agency

Another solid interview style agency-focussed podcast. Like many on the list, there are a ton of different kinds of guests and they always end with the next steps to take to implement what you’ve learned.

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