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The best Google Forms alternative in 2023

google forms alternative
Last Updated September 18, 2023
 - by Drazen Vujovic

If your workflow includes collecting a lot of information from clients, you’ve probably tried using Google Forms.

Many people are already familiar with Google and its supporting tools, which is why Google Forms is often the first platform businesses turn to when they’re looking for online forms to gather client information.

However, it only takes a little bit of research to find there are better ways to gather client files and important info. Whether you’re collecting photos, financial documentation, resumes, or any other type of content, you want the process to be smooth and simple for both you and the client. 

In this post, you’ll see:

  • A brief Google Forms overview
  • The best Google Forms alternatives in 2023
  • How to find the best Google Forms alternative for your business

Let’s dive in!

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Best Google Forms alternatives

Google Forms: A brief overview

Google Forms is a popular online form builder that enables users to create surveys, quizzes, and feedback forms. With its easy-to-use interface, it makes a powerful tool for gathering information and feedback from individuals or groups. The benefits of this platform include the following:

  • Google Forms is free for all users
  • Integration with commonly used Google tools like Google Sheets
  • A wide range of templates 
  • Conditional logic

But Google Forms has limitations that make it not so great for many users, especially from the business sector. These issues often don’t bother individual users, but companies that need to create advanced forms should pay attention to these details: 

  • It’s hard to customize content with Google Forms
  • A complicated file upload solution
  • The overall design isn’t eye-pleasing, to say the least
  • There’s no option to collect payments via Google form
  • The system makes it difficult to save progress 
  • This form builder doesn’t enable collaboration and team work

The best Google Forms alternatives in 2023

1. Typeform

Typeform is perfect for short surveys and questionnaires. It offers numerous form templates, which can be a real time saver when creating a new survey. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to customize your forms, your options are limited.

Typeform does not allow custom HTML or CSS, so users wanting a more customizable option should look elsewhere. In addition, longer surveys may not work as well. That’s because questions appear one at a time, making longer surveys somewhat tedious. 

2. JotForm

Similar to Typeform, JotForm also has numerous template options. It’s also slightly more customizable. However, that extra customizability comes with a significantly higher price tag

Luckily, JotForm has tiered payment plans, allowing you to choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget. Many people prefer JotFrom when primarily working in team settings, as the ability for any number of users to work on an individual form makes collaboration easy.

3. Paperform

Paperform has a powerful inline text editor and highly advanced customization options. It’s perfect for users looking to create unique and beautiful surveys and questionnaires. 

Paperform is also more budget friendly than most Google Forms alternatives. But unlike other alternatives, there is no free option available.

4. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a survey and quiz application that comes as part of the Office 365 suite. In other words, it’s Microsoft’s response to Google Forms. Microsoft Forms has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it a simple online form builder. The biggest advantage of this platform are AI-powered smart recommendations that speed up the work. 

On the other hand, complex branching and skip logic aren’t possible, while you can’t organize folders to suit your needs. Microsoft Forms also lacks advanced text editing options like colors, italics, bold fonts, and similar. 

5. Content Snare

Yes, our platform is one of the finest Google Forms alternatives you can find these days. Content Snare allows you to create forms and questionnaires that will impress clients with beautiful design and intuitiveness. 

You can build forms in five minutes using our readymade templates, but you can also tailor each template to add branding details or other visual elements. Automated reminders are the best thing about Content Snare—you’ll never have to send survey reminder emails again. In addition, all responses are saved automatically

The only difference between Content Snare and Google Forms is that our tool is not made for bulk data collection. With our platform, you can send unique forms to a single recipient in order to streamline onboarding or learn more about your client.

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How to find the best Google Forms alternatives 

Before you choose an alternative to Google Forms, you want to make sure you’re picking the best alternative that solves some of the issues related to Google’s online surveys and forms platform. Find a platform with advanced features that will make your job easier.

Universal Access

Only users signed into a Google account are able to upload files in Google’s online forms. If you’re collecting information from a client whose preferred platform is Outlook, iCloud, or Yahoo, they’ll have to create a Google account before proceeding.

Most people like to keep all their work information stored in the same place, so you don’t want your clients to have to create an entirely separate account just to be able to work with you. A recent study estimated that less than half of email users use Gmail. 

In the United States, only 42% of email addresses are Gmail accounts. In Germany, the percentage is even lower, with 22% of email addresses being Gmail accounts. 

Depending on where your clients are located, Google may not be a very popular platform. It’s easier for both you and your clients to use a content collection platform that’s universally accessible, and not just for Google users.

Large capacity for file uploads

While Google Forms might be a convenient option if you’re creating simple contact forms to collect an email address or a phone number, it becomes a major hassle when uploading files. Google Forms places a limit of 10MB on the size of the files able to be sent per form per person. 

This 10MB limit makes it difficult to send nearly any type of video. Large photo galleries are likely to exceed that limit, as well. You may have to submit photos using multiple forms to avoid exceeding the limit. 

Google also limits the number of files allowed to be sent per question, regardless of file size. 

Users can’t send more than 10 files per question. If you work with clients who need to send a large number of files, they’ll have to tediously divide the files into groups of 10 and submit through different questions. This will give your company an unprofessional look.

The best Google Forms alternatives should have the ability to upload single large files and large numbers of files at once. Your job likely depends on your ability to collect info from your clients quickly and easily, so it’s important to make that process as simple as possible for them.

A sleek, modern look

To impress your clients, it’s important to show you are a modern company that stays up-to-date with the latest trends. Every communication you send to a client should have a sleek, modern aesthetic. 

The aesthetic of Google Forms isn't terrible, but it also isn't incredible. With this platform, you won’t be sending the message that your company stands out from the crowd. On the contrary, you’ll send the message that your business doesn't care to keep up with the latest trends. 

Google’s online forms platform looks fine, but it certainly doesn’t wow people. The best Google Forms alternative will show your clients you’re committed to quality by sending them something beautiful.

Auto-save feature

Any Google Forms alternative should have the ability to auto-save. Form builder platforms that require users to find the save button create a huge hassle for everyone involved. The reason is simple—many users forget to click save before closing their browser window.

Other times, a device or browser can close unexpectedly, leaving users with the tedious task of redoing something they’ve already done. If you want to be sure your clients are in a good mood during your interactions, this is not the way to do. 

In such circumstances, you should only use a form builder with an auto-save feature. If you pick an alternative to Google Forms with auto-save, you can create unlimited forms, send them to your clients, and rest easy knowing your clients won’t have to deal with any frustration over lost progress.

Build better online forms with Content Snare

Content Snare is a strong option for anyone looking for the top Google Forms alternative. With our platform, you can create forms that aren’t only easy to access and use but also easy on the eyes.

Data collection is easy with Content Snare. Advanced features include automatic reminders sent to your clients, top-tier security, and the ability to create your own custom workflows. With advanced customization options, there’s a perfect solution for every business owner. 

Give clients a better option with Content Snare

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